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The reticular variant of varicose veins

Reticular varicose veins - the expansion of thin intradermal veins.

Especially common in women. It is also called a cosmetic type of varicose veins.

Typically, reticular varicose veins does not cause virtually no discomfort, except for aesthetic disturbances in the form of forming a "reticula" in the lower extremities, mainly on the lateral surface.

The emergence of the varicose veins are often associated with hormonal drugs and pregnancy. Objective manifestations of reticular varicose veins are quite diverse in form and extent. It can be as individual hair and coarse succulent education, towering above the skin and wearing common meshed nature.

Some signs of reticular varicose veins:

local occurrence of itch, tension, pain in the extended blood vessels in the second half of the day,

discomfort, a feeling of heaviness in the legs, swelling at the end of the day

later appear arching pain, night cramps.

Treatment of this disease is aimed at aesthetic comfort. It is in the first place - the implementation of the elimination of existing cosmetic defects, and secondarily preventing the occurrence of new ones.

At worst within the reticular varicose veins can be intradermal hemorrhage and external hemorrhage.

For the treatment of modern methods - mikroskleroterapiya. Performed to eliminate cosmetic defects and for medical reasons. The procedure consists in introducing into the affected blood vessels of the special super-fine needle minikapelek sclerosant. The duration of one such intervention is 30-50 minutes. The required number of sessions is determined on a strictly individual and depends on the prevalence of pathological process. In some cases, as expressed by density and looped ectatic vessels intradermal mikrosklerozirovanie on the same site more than once held. The aesthetic effect is seen within 3-6 weeks after the last treatment. However, this method is not sufficiently stable and can reappear. So after sclerotherapy for the prevention of elastic compression is recommended by a special medical hosiery, especially during prolonged static loads (crossings, flights) during pregnancy.

To eliminate the venous "reticula" with a diameter of vessels less than 0.3 mm is possible to use diathermy, photos and laser coagulation, which in recent years is widely adopted in practice. If necessary, these techniques are used and after mikroskleroterapii - in cases where the minor are not subjected to hardening of the land.

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