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The effectiveness of diets

The effectiveness of diets

Almost every woman there are moments when she realizes - then should not be delayed, time, time to go on a diet! And a favorite skirt barely nalezaet and friends cast a meaningful glances ... urgently need the most effective diet - a simple, short and with a persistent effect. And to look like a 15-year-old girl from next door!

But it turns out, this is not the easiest thing - to choose a truly effective diet. There are so many, and all speak only in superlatives. And you need a fast, high-quality and tangible results! Unfortunately (for fans of this rational approach) the effectiveness of diets is not proven in solid research and theoretical base from diet is very weak. All methods are derived only from the practical observation that in some case give acceptable results.

But in addition to the effectiveness of the diet must be considered and a parameter, as security for the body. For example, you condemn yourself to virtually strike, eating only one product, the so-called mono-diet. But no product is able to provide us with all the necessary (every day!) Elements, so on any benefits were, in this case, we can not speak, because along with losing fat and protein and water, although the extra weight you can lose a quickly. But is it worth the precious health, suffering bowel, poor skin and nails and the presence of constant depression?

Another factor in the effectiveness of diets - to save the result achieved for a long time. Many diets promise that - and the method of food combining, food and blood group, but instead require them to adhere to the principles of a lifetime. Please answer honestly, do you have such willpower? Effectiveness of many diets prevent the complexity of their conduct, because of our fatal laziness - such as the right hand sink without end points to calculate, for example, to the Kremlin diet.

Therefore the choice of an effective diet - especially individual case and depends on many parameters. As long as you choose, you can start with the simplest - to observe a measure of food, putting back into the saucepan half the usual serving (it turns out, can be sated and that!) And not cunning - not increase the number of meals! And also arrange themselves periodically burdensome fasting days, choosing a product that you like. And then begin to practice the basic requirements of effective diets. For example, it must contain a minimum of fat and carbohydrates, as long as the body does not burn the food of these factors, it will not accept for its own fat. If the proportion of fat in the diet continues to be more than 50%, you will gain weight and at most a moderate diet. But protein should be sufficient so as not to hurt their own tissue, which also contains the necessary proteins - muscle and liver. But in general, the energy must come from food is less than is spent, or will not demand the same fat, from which we want to eliminate as a source of energy.

To increase the effectiveness of many diets can help some simple rules. For example, drink a fairly large number of still water, not less than 1.5 liters per day. In addition, the time had drunk a glass of liquid, about 15 minutes before a meal, will significantly curb your appetite. And if you enrich your drinking green teas, herbal infusions and shipovnikovym drinks, and even adding the honey, it's easy to deceive the hunger, while ensuring yourself a burst of energy and intake of many nutrients. It turns out that lack of vitamins causes a constant feeling of hunger, when you want all the time, something to chew and bite. This problem can be solved by taking a good multivitamin.

And anyone, even the most effective diet can help, for example, rising from the couch and looking up from the next series. The strength and time to spend on the minimum physical activity, which is necessary for each person - walking, walking, light gym. All this speeds up the metabolism and helps burn fat. In general, use the full extent of all interests, sports and sports that can only distract you from the constant thoughts about how and wherever a meal with something tasty! Finally do not forget about good sleep, which will also help you cope with being overweight.

Increase the effectiveness of diets and such a nice and trendy thing right now as aromatherapy - vanilla, cinnamon, grapefruit can reduce appetite, and these essential oils can be easily used at any time by using oil burner. And most importantly, enjoy every moment of this life happy, and try to be thankful for the fact that it just is. Then the desire to be slim, healthy and beautiful for you to be a natural tendency of the soul, not the fashion necessity. And do it!

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