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The choice of surgical treatment of disc herniation

Methods of surgical treatment for herniated discs of the cervical 

Most patients with a herniated disc does not require surgical treatment. Approximately half of these patients have resolution of symptoms of disc herniation within 1 month. 96% of patients recover within 6 months. Only 10% of patients with disc herniation conservative therapy is ineffective for the elimination of pain require surgery.

Surgical treatment of a herniated disk is shown only to certain categories of patients. The choice of method of operation must take into account the results of instrumental studies and physical examination, and the effectiveness of conservative therapy. In addition, the physician should take into account your age, general condition, severity of symptoms and their impact on your daily life.

For example, the operation can be selected if you need a "quick recovery", and you do not have time to wait for the action of conservative treatment of disc herniation will itself.

Surgical treatment is ineffective in the case of back pain caused by disc herniation. In addition, the operation is not shown in the case, if the back pain - the only symptom of the disease.

Types of operations

Discectomy - the surgical removal of a herniated disc, which compresses the nerve roots or spinal cord. Discectomy may be the most effective treatment for patients who have undergone conservative therapy, but without effect.

Laminectomy - surgical procedure, which is conducted to relieve compression of the spinal cord or roots caused by age-related changes. This operation removes the vertebral arch, which serves a protective function. In addition, the laminectomy removes tissue, leading to a narrowing of the spinal canal.

Percutaneous discectomy - this type of operation is used when the disc protrusion or rupture disc in the cavity of the spinal canal. The operation is carried out using a special instrument that is inserted through a small incision. Through him and removed disc tissue excision, which limits its size. Percutaneous discectomy is considered less effective than open discectomy.

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