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The biological incompatibilities and other causes of infertility

Causes of infertility

There are cases when a woman and a man quite healthy, but pregnancy does not occur.

Sometimes this is due to their biological or immunological incompatibility, detectable by special tests:
  • identifying compatibility only with her husband 
  • with her husband and the donor 

Many drugs distort the results of tests for compatibility. Therefore, it is desirable to avoid taking hormones, and other means in the cycle, when the expected conduct of tests for compatibility.

Because most of the samples studied the reaction of mucus obtained from the cervix, with the sperm, in the case of a negative result, ie When the mucus "kills" the sperm, talk about cervical factor infertility.

It is extremely important to know that the incompatibility of the partners can be combined with any form of infertility, so the test for compatibility should be one of the first and mandatory procedures for the examination of all infertile couples.

Special problem cases of so-called "obscure" ("unexplained", "idiopathic") of infertility. The most common reason for it simply can not be detected by modern diagnostic methods. It is believed that in many cases, the "vague" psychogenic infertility, and can be connected either with the peculiarities of family and sexual relations, or with the subconscious (or more correctly unconscious) reluctance of women to have children. Psychological counseling may be helpful.

I would like to mention the cases of so-called "false infertility." The most common variants of it are as follows:

Women treated for infertility with all available means, including hormonal preparations gidrotubatsii, etc., but the fear of an ectopic pregnancy or because of a temporary but long-term absence of a partner does not live a sexual life.

Woman treated for unexplained infertility for years, until eventually you do not accidentally found out that being "chistyuli," she reasons of hygiene douche immediately after each sexual act.

A woman trying to get pregnant on the "schedule", waiting for the persistent rise in rectal temperature, and only then allows himself to the closeness with my husband. This recommendation is wrong sometimes comes from a doctor.

All these cases may seem queer, but they are not so rare. Among our patients have even been a virgin, shy to admit it to the doctor, who tried long and intensive treatment of infertility.

One often hears the question: to what extent the cause of infertility could be uterine fibroids, endometriosis, endometrial polyps, etc.? The extent to which pregnancy can affect the progression of these states?

Of course, there are cases where pregnancy even if a large fibroid uterus. Much depends on the location of the fibroids, its size and nature (single site or multiple uterine fibroids). It should be noted that many drugs used to treat infertility, are contraindicated in uterine cancer, as well as the fact that during pregnancy, uterine fibroids, as a rule, rapidly and significantly increases and can significantly complicate the course of delivery.

It is advisable to appear before the beginning of infertility treatment to resort to surgical removal of uterine fibroids - the so-called conservative myomectomy. Polyps, as well as erosion of the cervix, can sometimes be the sole cause of infertility and, therefore, require that their removal prior to treatment of infertility.

It is believed that endometriosis is a common cause of infertility. Therefore, it is recommended in all cases of unknown causes infertile marriages to conduct a survey aimed at identifying and, if detected, the treatment of endometriosis. Pregnancy affects the course of the disease favorably, and even sometimes leads to a complete cure endometriosis.

Many endocrine and not endocrine disease can cause infertility:
  • diabetes mellitus
  • liver disease
  • Kidney
  • adrenal
  • pituitary
  • thyroid and other organs.

It should be emphasized that many of these states pregnancy is absolutely contraindicated. Knowing this, some women fear that they will be denied treatment, they hide these disorders from infertility specialists, than a direct threat to their health and sometimes lives, either consciously take the risk of birth of sick children. Of course, would be correct in all such cases to take the child in foster care.

The causes of infertility, biological incompatibility, test for sterility, disease as a cause of infertility

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