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Stress as a cause of disease

Stress - the human condition, his reaction to the non-specific physiological, psychological and behavioral levels that occur in response to extremely strong extreme stimuli.

The main types of physiological and psychological stress. The latter is divided into information and emotional. It could be negatively and positively stained events and phenomena. For example, stress can occur when receiving a joyous event that was considered lost loved one alive.

Stress can have a positive mobilizing effect, but may appear negative, leading to disruption of the body. Stress is a negative impact referred to as distress (misery, sickness, poverty).

Emotional stress, in contrast to the information associated with the intellectual overload of information occurs in threatening situations, in connection with the offense, danger. Stressor - a factor that causes stress. There are physiological (extreme physical activity, high or low temperature, pain, etc.) and psychological (threat to the well-being, fear, a sense of danger) stressors.

Often stress (trauma) cause of mental disorders. Psychological trauma can be bezrechevoe and voice effects, such as a burning type of property. Pathogens may be acting singly and superstrong, especially repeatedly acting stimuli. In the first case we speak about the pressing, the second of the chronic mental trauma. The effect of weak stimuli can be summed. The strength is determined by the significance of the traumatic impact of the information for this individual. Trauma is not something that applied only to the past, and that threatens the future.

Stress can be a cause of neurosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, adjustment disorder, affective disorders, psychoses. Various adverse effects have psychopathic personalities can lead to a sharpening of the previously available character traits, that is, they cause the state of decompensation. So can worsen anxiety and mistrustful character traits or increased irritability.

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