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Simple ulcer of the bladder

Simple ulcer of the bladder

Simple ulcer of the bladder is a chronic disease in which the wall of the bladder forms an ulcer. Most often it is at the top of the bubble, has a rounded shape, covered with a purulent coating, bleeds easily. Around the ulcer a zone of inflammatory changes. Manifestations of a simple ulcer of the bladder are very similar to the course of chronic cystitis. Periodically pain in the bladder, frequent urination. In women, the aggravation may occur during the premenstrual period.

For the diagnosis of simple ulcer of the bladder is carried out laboratory studies, but the basic method is cystoscopy, which allows you to see the ulcer, determine its location.

Treatment of simple ulcer of the bladder. Used initially conservative treatment: antibiotics, washing the bladder with solutions of silver nitrate, the introduction into the bladder of sea buckthorn oil, BHT. Most conservative treatment does not bring results. In this case, a removal of ulcers through the urethra, or surgical procedure. If an ulcer is carried out large plastic bladder wall with the ulcer site. But even after surgical treatment of chronic cystitis may progress and lead to wrinkling of the bladder.

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