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Parkinsons disease - primary parkinsonism

Parkinsons disease - primary parkinsonism

Parkinson's disease - one of the most complex neurological disorders. Its cause remains a mystery to this day. However, in this area is active research.

For the first time the disease was described in 1817 by British physician James Parkisonom. In the early 60s of last century, researchers have identified a very important fact about Parkinson's disease: loss of brain cells that produce dopamine, which is involved in muscle activity. This discovery was the first successful point in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and was the starting point for further research.
What is Parkinson's disease?

Parkinson's disease belongs to a group of diseases related group of motor disorders. Go to the main symptoms of this disease include:

  • Tremor - shaking hands, feet, jaw and face;
  • Rigidity (stiffness) of limbs and trunk;
  • Bradykinesia - slow motion of the body;
  • Poor coordination of the body.

As the progression of these symptoms, the patient may experience difficulty in walking, speech and other activities.

Parkinson's disease - a chronic and progressive disease. The disease is not contagious, that is not transmitted from one person to another.

Parkinson's disease - the most common form of parkinsonism - a group of disorders with similar. Diseases of the combined group listed the four above-described diseases and they are based on the loss of cells that produce dopamine. Parkinson's disease is also called primary parkinosnizmom.

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