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Neurological disorders and diseases

Neurological disorders and diseases

Neurology (from the Greek neuron - nerve, logos - teaching science). The amount of discipline, which is the object of the nervous system in health and disease. Neuroscience includes the relevant sections of the descriptive and comparative anatomy, embryology, histology, biochemistry, normal and pathological comparative physiology, clinical neuropathology, neurogenetics, etc. neyrogigienu often use this term instead of "neuropathology," although these concepts are not equivalent - the first is much wider.

Neurological disorders impose an enormous burden on patients, their families and society. With increasing life expectancy more and more people are likely to become victims of stroke, dementia and other diseases of the brain, which leads to enormous costs of health care in the world. It is important that modern medicine is beginning to understand the brain basis of behavior and to recognize mental illness as brain, not in the mental disorders. Meningitis, a disease Kreyntsfeldt-Jakob disease, multiple sclerosis and brain diseases recognized mental disorders, just as serious as AIDS or cancer.

Modern diagnostic methods in neuroscience (ultrasound, X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging, advanced laboratory techniques) can detect diseases of the nervous system in the early stages, and to carry out their effective prevention and treatment.

Neurological disorders, diseases, Modern diagnostic, neurology, neuropathology

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