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As a rule, tumors of the nerves - a benign tumor affecting the nerve trunk or its branches. While this may be suffering any nerves, including spinal roots and the pony tail, usually peripheral tumors located subcutaneously in the form of soft formations, sometimes red. If it affects the formation of these cutaneous nerves appear as multiple nodes stretch. There are two main types of nerve tumors: schwannomas and neurofibromas.

Neurofibroma (another name - fibronevroma) - a benign tumor of peripheral nerve, emerging from the Schwann cells and fibroblasts. Sometimes it can be subjected to malignant degeneration.

Neurofibromas are frequently multiple and grow out of the so-called endoneurium - the lining of the nerve. They can become cancerous. Most often these tumors are asymptomatic, but localization in a confined space (eg, intervertebral foramen) can cause radiculopathy or neuropathy.

Diagnosis of tumors of peripheral nerves

The main diagnostic criteria for tumors of the peripheral nerves are the results of the biopsy cytology education. This study allows to determine the nature of the tumor, benign or malignant process.

Treatment of tumors of peripheral nerves

Treatment of tumors of peripheral nerves is usually surgical. It is the surgical removal of the tumor. The operation can be performed under local anesthesia.

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