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Neuritis of the auditory nerve

Neuritis of the auditory nerve

The reasons for the defeat of audition are quite varied, but most often

infectious diseases (influenza, measles, scarlet fever, typhus, malaria)
intoxication and drug manufacturing
injury (mechanical, barotrauma, acoustic, vibration).

Somewhat less cochlear neuritis occurs when a cardiovascular disease, and some violations of exchange and other diseases.

Quite often, cochlear neuritis occurs when inflammation of the middle ear. This is explained by the fact that the anatomical relationship of middle and inner ear, lymph - blood circulation and determine the appropriate response of the maze in response to inflammation of the middle ear. Temporary hearing loss can occur during acute otitis media or exacerbations of chronic intoxication due to the inner ear.

Auditory nerve neuritis have two major symptoms:
  • different heights permanent tinnitus as a result of inflammatory-degenerative process in vascular disorders
  • hearing loss, which is characterized by a poor perception of the sounds of high frequency and a shortening of bone conduction.

Significantly fewer patients complain of a constant or intermittent ringing in the ears. In some cases the neuritis in the progression of hearing loss is a transition to full deafness.

Hearing loss referred to any weakening of auditory function. Distinguish three types of hearing loss:
  • general
  • bass
  • treble.

Deafness - the complete lack of ability perception of sounds. Rapidly progressive hearing loss is often accompanied by a number of symptoms of irritation of the vestibular apparatus, these include vomiting, dizziness, impaired balance. During this period the patient may appear spontaneous nystagmus.

Hearing loss in cochlear neuritis should be distinguished from disorders of perception of sounds with brain tumors, hemorrhages in the internal soup, etc. The main distinguishing feature is the fact that in cochlear neuritis hearing loss or deafness are usually bilateral, in contrast to hearing loss in tumors and vascular disorders.

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