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Mammography after reconstructive surgery of the breast

Mammography after reconstructive surgery of the breast

Remember that you can not apply any powder (talc), or deodorants and antiperspirants on the breasts before the mammogram. The fact that antiperspirants can obscure the image on the film, and talc in the powder can sometimes occur on the mammograms in the form of clusters of calcifications.

In case you have during reconstructive breast surgery used their own tissue, it is possible that your mammogram will not work. Mainly, the reason for this is that in this case simply do not have breast tissue.

However, in this case, mammography is recommended if:
  • Do you have a high risk of local recurrence of cancer.
  • Physical examination of the mammary glands is difficult.
  • If there is any doubt there are changes in the tissues of the prostate.

Typically, tumors and calcifications, which can be felt and are determined in the breast after reconstructive surgery, are the consequences of fat necrosis - necrosis of adipose tissue. These tissues undergo calcification (as if impregnated with calcium salts) and is formed as a tumor. Unlike cancer, these tumors do not grow in size and eventually become even smaller.

In addition, the interpretation of mammograms may be complicated if you have had extensive lapmektomiyu (removal of the tumor) followed by the reconstruction of their own tissues. However, if you have a mammogram performed shortly after the treatment, the interpretation of subsequent mammograms easier.

In case you have silicone or other implanted breast implants following surgery, you do not need to perform a mammogram, because the implant simply closes the form of the surrounding tissues.

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