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Malignant tumors of the ear

Malignant tumors of the ear

Malignant tumors of the ear may be primary, ie developed directly in a particular department of the ear, and occur during the germination of tumor from adjacent organs and tissues.

Malignant tumors in the outer ear in adults frequently diagnosed cancer in children - sarcoma. Of the other species may be sarcoma. Within the outer ear tumors relatively slow, outwardly they resemble granulating, bleeding ulcer or a polyp. The diagnosis of these processes the main role belongs to the histological method.

Treatment for cancer may be the outer ear as radiation and surgery. The choice of method depends on the morphological structure of the tumor and its prevalence. Possibilities of surgical treatment often is limited because of its proximity to vital organs. Therapy of melanoma and sarcoma only radiotherapy. Recently, small melanomas can be eliminated cryoinfluence.

In the middle ear of malignant tumors in adults frequently diagnosed cancer in children - sarcoma. Symptoms of malignant tumors of the middle ear is mainly determined by a hearing-impaired sensation of fullness and by neurological symptoms, which arise as a result of the spread of tumors on the nerves, blood vessels and brain tissue. The growth of tumors in the temporal bone early on leads to its sequestration, and the addition of a secondary infection - the appearance of foul-smelling purulent discharge. At the same time there is pain in the ear and a headache. At otoscopy in the late stage of the process is determined easily bleeding when touched by the probe tissue tumors polypous mass and a large amount of pus.

The diagnosis of cancer of the middle ear is made by otoskopicheskoy pictures (lots of easy bleeding polypoid formations), histological analysis of data pieces of tissue removed, the results of x-rays (the presence of extensive destruction of bone tissue).

Treatment of cancer of the middle ear in the early stages combined (surgery, radiotherapy), and later - radiation, chemotherapy. Sarcoma therapy involves the use of only the ray method.

Prognosis in early stage disease when the tumor has not moved beyond the tympanic cavity, relatively favorable. In the later period, with involvement of the adjacent organs, unfavorable.

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