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Fracture of the sacrum Treatment

Fracture of the sacrum usually occurs in the fall on the buttocks, with direct impact in the region of the sacrum or the compression of the pelvis. The patient complains of pain and swelling in the area of injury.

If the fracture of the sacrum leads to compression of or damage to the nerves, pain can be given in feet. On examination revealed some change in the shape of the sacrum, and by digital rectal probes study of displaced bone fragments. The diagnosis is established after the X-ray images.

Treatment of fractures of the sacrum. Painless fractures using local anesthetic solutions. Sick for 3 weeks should be in the supine position on a board with a padded lumbar spine with a rubber roller or a circle in such a way that the lower part of the sacrum is not relied on the bed. Thus, a comparison is made of bone fragments. Allowed to sit 1-2 months after the fracture. Appointed by the physiotherapy and physiotherapy.

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