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Exercise to maintain the achieved weight

Exercise to maintain the achieved weight

Exercise is very important to maintain the achieved weight for a long time! Many studies show that those who exercise regularly, maintain a reduced weight at this level is much better than those who continue to lead sedentary lifestyles or stop physical exercise after a certain level of weight. Long-term beneficial effects on the conservation activities achieved body weight, possibly based on both physiological and psychological mechanisms on.

Physical activity may prevent repeat weight gain is not only due to increased energy costs, but also due to improved mood, a sense of self-esteem, which in turn promotes the observance of the rules diet (if you have not stopped to observe it) and improves the ability to monitor the situation related to the reception of food. To maintain the achieved weight you have to spend almost 2500 kcal per week. This result can be achieved with loads of high intensity (brisk walking 60-75 minutes a day) or more severe, but shorter loads (aerobics, cycling, jogging for 30 minutes a day).

For many people achieve in a short time such a regime of physical activity is an impossible task, so it is important to set a goal and, from moderate-intensity exercise, gradually increase the load. For example, increasing the number of steps during daily walking by 1000 a month to reach a total of 15 000 steps a day (which is equivalent to about 60-75 minutes or 5-6.5 km walking per day).

Increased physical activity is essential for successful weight loss and, even more so to maintain an optimum level of weight for a long time!

Before you start exercising or dramatically change their lifestyle, check with your doctor and go through the survey.

Increase the level of stress gradually.
Engage regularly! Discipline will help you achieve success faster.

If you for some reason can not exercise, be sure to change your lifestyle to a more active one.

And remember: the only reasonable use low-calorie food and adequate performance of exercise can make your body slim and healthy you!

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