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Dislocation of the tibia

Dislocation of the tibia is rare, but it is considered severe trauma. There is a dislocation of the tibia at the knee and sometimes the front and rear. Often accompanied by a shift dislocated leg sideways, if torn lateral ligament. In addition, when the dislocation of tibia may be damage to the menisci, joint capsule, cruciate and lateral ligaments.

The mechanism of dislocation of tibia - shin kick to the back or front of the thigh. The patient complains of pain in the knee. The foot has a characteristic "shtykoobrazny" appearance. If the knee is bleeding, developed hemarthrosis, and joint increases in size. Motion in the knee joint is possible. The leg is shortened.

Almost always in the dislocation of tibia more or less disturbed blood supply to the leg. This is due to compression of or damage to blood vessels in the popliteal fossa. Shin becomes pale or even bluish in color. As first aid is necessary to analgesia, splint and bring the patient to the hospital.

Treatment of dislocation of the tibia. Dislocation of the tibia should be imbedding into as quickly as possible. Used for anesthesia or regional anesthesia anesthesia. Shin reduce a conservative manner by means of special techniques. After reduction imposes a plaster cast from ankle to upper thigh for a period of 6-7 weeks.

If you can not straighten dislocation conservatively, with infringement of the joint tendons or muscles, surgical treatment is applied. If the injury occurred during the injury of the popliteal artery and its integrity restored by surgery. Normally, when dislocations are broken shin ligaments of the knee joint. If the dislocation was right, do not restore the ligaments at once, and surgical treatment of ligamentous apparatus to perform in the later periods of the injury.

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