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Dislocation of the shoulder

Shoulder dislocations are extremely rare.

The mechanism of dislocation of shoulder - a strong craving for a hand or a blow to the shoulder blade. At the same blade moves sideways, its lower angle of impinge between the ribs. Damage can develop muscles are attached to the scapula. The patient complains of pain in the shoulder. The pain intensified by movement arm with the injured party. On examination, detect a violation of symmetry in the arrangement of blades, the shape of the shoulder region are incorrect. Movement in the shoulder are missing.

Treatment of shoulder dislocation

Performed anesthesia with novocaine, which is injected under the shoulder blade. The patient is placed on his stomach on the orthopedic table. Surgeon with assistant reduce a paddle, pressing her hand at allotted. After reduction of dislocation bandaged desault, to avoid repeated displacement of the articular surfaces. Term of wearing armbands to 3 weeks.

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