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Depression related to hormonal changes in body

Late-life depression - psychosis, first appearing in later life, characterized by depressive syndromes of varying structure and does not lead to the development of cyanide dementia (dementia).

In the most typical cases of late-life depression is manifested:
  • depressed mood
  • agitation with fear.
  • The clinical picture can be observed:
  • delusions of condemnation
  • Cotard delusion (nihilistic delusions, hypochondria - for example, the belief that rotted internal organs, in conjunction with the ideas of immensity).

Feature of late-life depression is a predominance of motor restlessness and excitement, alternating with the state of lethargy in the form of motor paralysis.

At remote stages of the disease clinical picture stabilized, becoming more and more monotonous.

Psychosis completes the formation of a special defect, designated as "depressed mental weakness" which is characterized by a decrease in mental activity, a constant depressed mood.

The reproductive period of life of women - one of the most endangered of recurrence of depression. Specific affective disorders in women include:
  • premenstrual syndrome (PS)
  • premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PDR)
  • depressive symptoms during pregnancy (DRC)
  • "Syndrome of maternal grief" (PDS)
  • postpartum depression (PD).

PRD along with depressed mood and somatic disorders includes patoharakterologicheskie manifestations.

For the PDR is characterized by:
  • depression with a sense of hopelessness
  • anxiety
  • tearfulness
  • conflict
  • anger
  • irritability
  • fatiguability
  • sleepiness
  • violation of appetite
  • breast pain
  • headaches.

Psychopathological manifestations, usually growing in the last week before menstruation ipolnostyu held in its early days.

Depression during pregnancy and childbirth often occur with a predominance of anxiety about the outcome of pregnancy, the possibility of miscarriage, his own death. Can join the hysterical disorder.

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