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Atypical depression and hypomania

Atypical depression and hypomania - these states are blurred forms, not reaching full maturity psychopathology. The main characteristic of mood disorders display little pronounced, and some of them are missing.

There are the masked depression (hidden depression). Patients may not be aware of depression and are often convinced of the existence of a host of rare and difficult to diagnose the disease. Assuming your doctor is not competent, they insist on numerous surveys. However, with the active questioning can reveal circadian oscillations subjected to a pathological form of the prevailing mood in the morning an unusual sadness, indifference, and protected from the environment with excessive fixation on their bodily sensations.

Depression, taking "physical" mask - somatisation depression - are more common in the general medical network.

In the vegetative depression as a "facade" act disorders mimic the cardiovascular pathology and dysfunction of other organ systems, pain (head, heart, stomach, etc.).

"Sleepy" Depression is characterized by a predominance of constant drowsiness.

Anorectic depression is accompanied by morning sickness, lack of appetite and aversion to food, paired with weight loss and constipation.

In addition, the psychopathology of "masks" Depression is most often marked anxiety and phobic disorders (social phobia, anxiety, doubt, panic attacks) or hysterical disorder.

Euphoric hypochondriasis - a variant of atypical hypomania. Typically, patients are overwhelmed by countless doctors with complaints and demands repeated surveys consulted. Elevated mood of unrestrained activity is directed against an imaginary ailment, and is hidden behind a facade of abnormal bodily sensations (unspecified pain, autonomic disorders). Persistent, intractable pathological effects of analgesics feeling alien to conventional notions about the activities of the body opposed to other bodily sensations, and contrary to the whole life experience of patients and become a source of obsession overvalued. Consistently high background mood of circumlocution, and the pressure in presenting complaints, optimistic attitude to "overcome the disease," and attempts to "step back" from it with the noisy bravado, gaiety, "black" humor.

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