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Visceral angiography

Visceral angiography - a technique for assessing the condition of vessels of internal organs such as liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines and pancreas.

In accordance with the test body, distinguish angiography of the liver, spleen, mezenterikografiyu (angiography vessels of the intestine), renography (angiography vascular buds).

Method of research vessels of the above, in principle, no different from other methods of angiography. The indication for angiography is the identification of visceral constriction and blockage of blood vessels, or their extension, which occurs most often in atherosclerosis and other diseases.

Angiography of renal vessels to assess their status, the presence of restrictions, as well as renal function. It should be borne in mind that the contrast medium itself may be harmful to the kidneys. Angiography of vascular spleen, mainly carried out to identify the block of venous outflow from it, which occurs in such a terrible disease such as cirrhosis of the liver.

Mezenterikografiya used to detect pathological changes in the vessels of the intestine observed in chronic mesenteric ischemia and embolism (blockage) of vessels of the intestine.

Angiography of the internal organs is also carried out to clarify the localization of tumors.

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