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The immune system - the fight against breast cancer

The immune system - the fight against breast cancer

Some women with breast cancer, some are wondering whether the linked breast cancer to the fact that I have a weakened immune system or with what my diet? And whether my immune system to fight tumors? Can the surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation exposure to suppress my immune system and ability to fight cancerous tumors and infection?

In this section we will try to answer your questions.

The human body - is largely self-regulating system, and when a cell of the body suddenly ceased to be the same as all the normal, the immune system immediately reacts to it and such a cell is exposed to destruction. In this way the immune system plays an important role in preventing cancer.

Such "incorrect", pre-cancerous cells can occur in the body permanently, but the immune system is always on guard, and protects the body against these antigens.

Cancer cells are the body's own cells, they were never introduced into the bloodstream and a person can not get around them - cancer - is not contagious and is not transmitted from person to person. However, due to various reasons that have never fully known to scientists, these cells begin their own to behave differently than normal. This is reflected in the fact that they begin to multiply and grow uncontrollably, thus destroying normal healthy cells.

Sometimes, these cells which become abnormal, can look just like normal. Inside them are already taking place, or mutations occurred, resulting in a cell is alien. However, on the surface of it - such as proteins, as well as in healthy cells. This cell has not behave like everyone else - it can grow and multiply uncontrollably, but the immune system perceives it as their own. Cancer cells, thus avoiding attacks the immune system. This explains the formation of malignant tumors, even with an absolutely normal immune system. However, gradually the tumor cells is still changing, so that the immune system is no longer see them as their "home" of the cell and begins to attack the tumor.

Such attacks the immune system can be successful, but often it occurs too late, when the forces of the immune system is not adequate enough to fight the tumor. In this case, the immune system needs help:

Immune growth factors - drugs that stimulate production of immune cells,

Drugs based on antibodies - specific antibodies, which are developed in laboratories, they are specific to certain tumors,

Vaccine - for them we have already spoken. It is a thousand times weakened or killed antigens, which seemed to train the immune system to deal with this antigen.

Non-immune methods of dealing with the tumor:
Surgical removal,
Radiation therapy,
Preparations antiangiogeneza.

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