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Micro-thermocoagulation - a method of treatment in patients with multiple vascular asterisks. Mikrotermokoagulyatsii method is to use very very thin electrode. The electrode is introduced into the small flask, which must be eliminated and through the electric current is applied. This releases heat, which occurs under the action of the coagulation process. Such a capillary just disappears, without damaging surrounding tissue. The procedure is carried out mikrtermokoagulyatsii 1 every 5-7 days.

Duration of micro thermocoagulation depends on the area poradeniya and averages 10-20 minutes. During one session of such a procedure may require 30-40 microinjections.

Typically, the method of micro-thermocoagulation used for very fine spider veins, sclerotherapy when even micro can not remove them (the average diameter of less than 0.3 millimeters). Micro-thermocoagulation is completely safe and virtually painless.

The advantage of micro-thermocoagulation treatment over other methods of spider veins is no need to introduce any drugs, so there is no risk of allergic reaction.

In addition, following this procedure there is no need to bandage a leg or wear compression stockings.

After the micro thermocoagulation in place of the capillary is red, which passes within a few days. In this sense, micro-thermocoagulation has a significant advantage over laser therapy, which is the main drawback is the appearance of areas of depigmentation on the application site, which may be a few years.

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