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Fungal infections of the cornea

Fungal infections of the cornea

Fungal inflammatory lesions of the cornea called keratomikozy otherwise. They occur when the cornea is damaged items that may have on their surface fungi or their spores. This hay, straw, flax trash, grass, dry leaves, bark of trees. Fall into the cornea usually two types of mushrooms: white - and gray-Candida fungi.

On the surface of the cornea appears white or gray opacities and consolidation. The feature of this seal in its kroshkoobraznoy consistency. Patients suffer from a long time. Once the disease is expressed in the cornea opacities - cataracts.

Treatment of fungal infections of the cornea. Infiltrate with fungi and necrotic tissue of the cornea to remove the special spoon. Then naznaetsya instillation into the eye of antifungal drops (amphotericin B, akromitsin, griseofulvin, nystatin), except that the same drug is given by mouth.

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