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Uterine fibroids - recommendations

Uterine fibroids - recommendations. Recommendations for uterine myoma

Uterine fibroids - a disease of the body as a whole, which is reflected not only in the reproductive function, and general health are women. The approach to the treatment of this disease should be comprehensive and include not only medical and / or surgical treatment, but also a number of recommendations for the patient, aimed at preventing tumor growth and development of complications and relapses.

Patients should be scrupulous approach to the issues of contraception and pregnancy planning, the latter can cause increased growth of fibroids and the development of complications. It should consider the impact of pathology on the very process of pregnancy and delivery. The negative impact in this case, have abortions, and therefore, abortion in women with uterine possible purely on medical grounds. The choice of contraceptive method should be implemented in conjunction with the doctor-gynecologist, is not allowed to install an intrauterine device.

Planning for pregnancy

A very important aspect is to maintain a psychological balance, to avoid stressful situations and daily routine quarrels that could cause a change in hormonal levels.

Requires the rejection of bad habits (if any). Attention should be given respect for personal hygiene and issues of sexual culture.

Contraindicated linear and segmental massage abdomen, hips and buttocks, lumbar.

Necessary to eliminate the thermal overheating of the body (do not visit the sauna and bath, taking hot baths), and excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays under the open sun or in the solarium.

Avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays

Meals should be balanced and diverse. The diet limits the amount of fat and a preference for foods rich in fiber.

Should limit fluid intake after 18 hours, this will prevent the development of edema of uterine fibroids.

It is not recommended to lift and carry items weighing more than 3 pounds, as heavy lifting can cause a prolapse of the uterus and the occurrence of various complications.

Meals should be varied

Sparing useful exercise (fitness). You must choose the right amount of exercise with a view of the body. When you first visit the gym is measured heart rate at rest, following exercise are chosen so that the pulse is not increased by more than 30% of original value. This rate of employment is necessary to maintain a minimum of six weeks, then you can raise the heart rate by 15%.

There will also be useful for swimming and water aerobics, breathing exercises, exercises on a treadmill and stationary bike. Do not be resorting to heavy loads (complex program of aerobics, exercises with heavy weights, shaping).

By following the above recommendations for women with uterine cancer, we must not forget that this is only a supplement to the main treatment.

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