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Reconstructive surgery of the breast

Reconstructive surgery of the breast

If you have had surgery to remove breast cancer, lumpectomy or after the shape of the breast has changed, you can discuss with your doctor the possibility of reconstructive surgery. Even if you already can not think of another surgical intervention, we should not dismiss the idea of reconstructing the shape of the breast for as long as you do not consider everything thoroughly. Learn more at the plastic surgeon about what is reconstructive surgery, whether to do it now or later. For example, in your case may be such a sequence: first, the reconstruction of the right breast, reducing the forms of the left breast, and later - the reconstruction of the right breast nipple.

Most women, if possible, prefer the performance of reconstructive surgery immediately after the removal of the tumor. Patients who had undergone lumpectomy, reconstructive intervention may choose to obtain a more uniform appearance of the breast. About 75% of women who underwent mastectomy, choosing the surgical method of restoring the lost forms of breast cancer. About half of them settled on the artificial implants.

The other half chooses the so-called patch plasty technique in which to restore the shape of the breast using local patient's own tissues.

Almost all surgeons recommend the reconstructive surgery immediately after the removal of the tumor. But to make this statement to be 100 percent, given your condition. You can consult with other professionals, or those whom you trust. In this case, the delay in reconstructive surgery for an indefinite period does not lead to anything bad.

Depending on the stage of disease and the treatment, reconstructive surgery can be performed immediately after removal of tumors or later.

At an early stage of the disease:
  • The best choice is surgery immediately after the removal of the tumor.
  • For each operation requires different surgical teams.

Launched cancer (tumor more than 5 cm from the lesion of the lymph nodes):
After a mastectomy, you may need chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
It is best to delay reconstructive surgery until the end of treatment (6 months - year). By this time, your body shape and weight will be established, and then you can decide on the operation.

Local common forms of cancer or inflammatory cancer (stage IIIA or IIIB breast cancer): In this case, reconstructive surgery should be postponed for the following reasons:
The time required for recovery from reconstructive surgery may delay the necessary stages of treatment - chemotherapy and radiation exposure.

Reconstructive surgery changes the state of tissues in the resected tumor, which may interfere with the doctor to observe this area because of the high risk of recurrence.

Whatever your age, financial status, and sexual activity, it is impossible to predict what will be your reaction to the absence of breast cancer. Think about how important it is for you to restore the old form? Can you live with removable dentures, or you need a full restoration of the old forms of surgery?

Currently, the arsenal of plastic surgery breast reconstruction, there are different methods and types of operations:

  • Implants - silicone or saline,
    Transplanting own tissues to the abdomen, back or buttocks (with or without additional implants)
  • Breast reconstruction with a smooth surface
  • Reconstruction of the nipple (by tattooing or grafting its own tissues).

Achievement of the symmetric form of breast

Sometimes, in order to achieve the correct proportions of breast forms require a natural correction of the breast, which also can be made at the time of reconstructive surgery. Ideally, after the operation, the chest should be symmetrical. This is particularly important when reconstructive surgery was carried out after unilateral mastectomy, when one breast - the natural and the other - recreated.

Factors affecting the symmetry of the shape of the mammary glands

Size: the new breast is usually slightly more natural, due to edema. After surgery, this swelling subsides and the shape of breasts is the same. If, however, after the swelling wears off anyway there is some disparity, it is possible to carry out liposuction to reduce the size of the breast.

Weight gain: when the patient gains weight, the natural breast is also increasing in size, whereas the mammary gland, created after the operation remains the same.

Overhang of the breast: for a natural breast is characterized by stretching due to its droop. Reconstituted as the mammary gland is not exposed to this influence. When dangling breast cancer and because of this change in its shape with plastic surgery - breast lift.

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