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The manifestations of scoliosis

Diagnosis and clinical manifestations of scoliosis

The very first method of diagnosis of scoliosis is a check-up. Examination of the patient is carried out standing up, the doctor evaluates the evenness of the spine (no lateral movement), the symmetry of the arrangement of the shoulders, pose the patient, the length of the legs.

The main method of diagnosis of scoliosis is radiography. The picture is held in a straight line projection that reveals lateral displacement of the spine. It is based on radiographic assessment of degree of scoliosis, which allows the doctor to choose the further treatment strategy.

The manifestations of scoliosis

The most common manifestation of scoliosis is lateral curvature of the spine. Often, such a distortion is expressed softly and sees someone from his family members or friends. In addition, scoliosis is detected and school examinations. Moreover, these patients may be noted that it is not appropriate that the clothes that they wore before, or that one leg pants became longer (shorter).

When scoliosis patient's head to be a little biased, as well as asymmetrical arrangement of the shoulders - in this case one of them is above / below the other. With a significant curvature of the spine, there may be a malfunction of the heart and lungs, which manifests dyspnea, or chest pain.

In most cases, scoliosis does not show pain, but some of its forms may be encountered pain.

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