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Renovascular Disease

When renovascular disease affects the vessels of the kidney - an artery or vein. Normally, blood passes through the kidneys is filtered. With the formation of urine, which, by its density is close to the plasma. In the urine collected the waste products of the body, mainly ammonia compounds. The kidneys are also involved in the regulation of blood pressure, releasing a special hormone - renin. Its release into the blood depends on the initial blood pressure level and the degree of blood flow to the kidneys. Narrowing or occlusion of the renal artery of blood clots, kidney function is disturbed. Usually there is narrowing of the arteries, and thrombosis - in the veins.

Renal artery stenosis - a narrowing of its lumen. This condition can lead to high blood pressure and kidney failure. The appearance of thrombi in the lumen of the renal vein - a rare phenomenon. Feet in the development of a blood clot, it can break off and carry away the blood stream, causing a pulmonary embolism.

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