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Hypertensive crisis

Hypertensive crisis

Hypertensive crisis - a condition in which noted a sharp increase in blood pressure, accompanied by a complex manifestation of the central nervous system and other organs.

Hypertensive crisis has no specific numbers of blood pressure. For some crisis - a sharp rise in blood pressure, even up to 130 mm Hg, and for some people - only with an increase of up to 200 mm Hg or more.

Hypertensive crisis may provoke stress, exercise, and if the patient is suffering from hypertension for some reason stopped taking the medication. In some cases, hypertensive crisis can be the first manifestation of arterial hypertension in humans, who did not know about this disease.

The manifestations of hypertensive crisis

As already stated, hypertensive crisis - a state of the sharp increase in blood pressure (not necessarily to very high values), which is manifested by certain symptoms especially the nervous system, as well as cardiovascular and other organs.

In some cases, hypertensive crises may require hospitalization of the patient in a hospital.

The main manifestations of hypertensive crisis are:
  • Sudden headache, mainly in the neck, often with a throbbing in my temples.
  • Blurred vision in the form of needles flashing before his eyes, and sometimes a partial loss of visual fields. This is mainly due to the violation of the blood flow to the retina and optic nerve.
  • Nausea and sometimes vomiting, which does not facilitate the patient's condition.
  • Emotional arousal.
  • Redness of the skin and mucous membranes of the face.
  • Sometimes compressive chest pain.
  • Shortness of breath associated with increased load on the left ventricle of the heart.
  • Sometimes the cramps.

In more severe cases there may be symptoms of focal cerebral blood flow.

How dangerous hypertensive crisis

Hypertensive crisis - it is not just a sudden sharp rise in blood pressure, which is accompanied by headache. Hypertensive crisis is at risk of complications from many systems and organs.
  • Disorders of the central nervous system in the form of clouding of consciousness or coma (encephalopathy)
  • Bleeding in the brain,
  • Heart failure,
  • Angina pectoris,
  • Pulmonary edema (which is the result of sudden failure of the left ventricle)
  • Myocardial infarction,
  • Aneurysm,
  • Eclampsia (celebrated during pregnancy).

Fortunately, hypertensive crisis is not as common, and is mainly due to the lack of adequate treatment of hypertension.

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