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Chronic prostatitis - Diagnosis, Treatment

Chronic prostatitis - Diagnosis and Treatment

Chronic prostatitis occurs as a result of acute, but more often it is primarily a chronic process. Contribute to the development of chronic prostatitis congestion in the prostate gland. In this inflammatory process and stale quickly. Gradually the fabric on the site of inflammation sclerotherapy, small scars are formed in the tissue of the prostate gland to compress the ducts, preventing the outflow of secretion. The fabric of this cancer die in her place, and formed a small cavity filled with fluid. Prolonged existence leads to hardening of the entire gland. It is reduced in size. Gland function is reduced. Because cancer can occur wrinkling compression of the urethra. Chronic prostatitis can be caused by the same bacteria that sharp. In addition, chronic prostatitis may occur without infection. The reasons for this are circulatory disorders prostate cancer. Upon accession, infection occurs, the combination of prostatitis.

Manifestations of chronic prostatitis is less noticeable than in acute prostatitis. Pain in the perineum, the sacrum, the external genitals, the rectum is usually aching, slack. Sometimes there is discomfort in the urethra while urinating in the morning. Sometimes after urinating out of the hole channel is allocated a secret of the prostate. If the patient is a long time in a sitting position, pain may increase due to venous congestion in the pelvic organs and the prostate gland. For patients there is impairment of sexual function, decreased performance, insomnia, and headaches.

Diagnosis of chronic prostatitis is conducted based on digital prostate examination, laboratory studies of prostate juice, urine analysis. Ultrasound examination reveals reduction in the size of the prostate, the heterogeneity of its structure.

Treatment of chronic prostatitis. Treatment of chronic prostatitis complex. Upon detection of the infectious process is assigned antibiotic therapy. For dispersal of seals in the prostate gland appointed lidasa, aloe extract, FIBS. Must be appointed physiotherapy and restorative treatments, and vitamins. The patient is encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle, avoid alcohol and spicy foods. Forecast for the treatment of chronic prostatitis can not be called favorable. Despite treatment in 30% of chronic prostatitis occurs persistently and leads to sclerosis of the prostate and the loss of its function.

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