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Anomalies of the magnitude of kidney

Hypoplasia (underdevelopment). When this anomaly of the kidney of normal shape and structure, but smaller. Kidney function is normal.

Hypoplasia may be unilateral and bilateral. To detect kidney hypoplasia helps ultrasound, excretory urography data and radioisotope studies. Even on plain radiographs can be seen a kidney with reduced dimensions. At excretory urography detect reduced renal pelvis and calyx. During renal arteriography specify the size of the kidney. This study also helps to distinguish hypoplastic kidneys from diseases associated with secondary reduction of the size of the kidneys (nephrosclerosis).

In unilateral hypoplastic kidney treatment is usually not required.

The need for the treatment of hypoplasia occurs when in the bud develops an illness. Often occurs in the kidney gipoplazirovannoy pyelonephritis. If it is complicated by kidney and shrinkage resistant renal hypertension. In adults, in this case resorted to removing the kidney (nephrectomy). In children, if you have more than 30% of kidney function, kidney trying to save. But in severe cases, a kidney removed.

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