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Side effects of chemotherapy in breast cancer of the internal organs

Side effects of chemotherapy in breast cancer of the internal organs

According to a recent study, women who carry the radiation therapy in the mid-80s are more prone to heart problems. This is due to the fact that in those days, the old apparatus for irradiation was given too high a dose of radiation, which affected the heart. Fortunately, in the past few years, technology made such progress that the incidence of cardiac events was significantly lower. Modern equipment allows us to obtain the desired effect with lower doses of radiation, thereby reducing the adverse effects on the heart and lungs.

 However, even with modern machines a dose of radiation, and gets into the lungs, which are directly under the anterior chest wall. In the place of exposure in this area of light can form scar tissue. By itself, the scar tissue in the lungs does not cause any problems. However, studies have shown that patients who smoke during radiation therapy, a higher risk of lung injury and the emergence of cancer.

Scar tissue in the lungs is usually detected by radiography. You should know this, because a doctor who may in the future will hold you to X-rays or chest x-rays of light on some issue, can make these changes for developing pneumonia (pneumonia) or for tumor recurrence. Scar tissue in the lungs manifested by dry cough and shortness of breath. When expressed symptoms that do not pass on their own, usually prescribed steroids.

Radiologist in planning radiation therapy tries to irradiation so that the effect turned out only to the mammary gland and to minimize the radiation dose to surrounding normal tissue. However, given the close proximity of the chest wall irradiation of breast cancer is simply impossible to avoid the effects of radiation on the underlying tissues - muscles, and pectoral fins.

Pain in the chest muscles

Both during treatment and may occur after shooting pains like electric shocks. The same feeling can be, and after surgery. The cause of this pain is swelling and irritation of the nerve fibers in the tissues of the breast. These pains can be relieved with anti-inflammatory drugs (Tylenol, ibuprofen, indomethacin, aspirin, and many others). After completing his course of radiotherapy the pain gradually subside on their own.

If you have reconstructive surgery after a large implant, then by stretching and compression of surrounding tissue are more are more pronounced.

Seal of the muscles

Over time, in the course of radiation therapy you may notice that your muscles in the chest became more dense and stiff. Most often seen to seal the pectoralis major muscle, which connects the shoulder to the anterior chest wall.

The reason for the sealing of the muscles - is the formation of scar tissue resulting from exposure to radiation. This scar tissue and causes the seal and stiffness in muscles. Manifestations of the Just noticeable side effects and improved by taking painkillers.

The risk of fracture ribs

Over the years, the impact of radiation on the edge makes them slightly more prone to fractures. The risk of such fractures is quite low (approximately 1%). After mastectomy, the risk of fractures is greater because after this operation does not have the muscular frame. Also, if you have a silicone implant, it is not shock-absorbing function and protects the bone ribs. Fracture of the ribs at the same time is only due to direct trauma of the chest. These fractures are usually overgrown with yourself.

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