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Methods for determination of pregnancy

Methods for determination of pregnancy

Imperfection palpation method of early diagnosis of pregnancy has long been thought directed at finding other methods based on detecting the changes in a woman's body that occur with the onset of pregnancy. The study of biochemical changes occurring in pregnant, allowed to offer a variety of reactions by which tried to diagnose pregnancy.

The evolution of these methods was quite long and continues to this day. At the same techniques perfected in parallel the development of science and new knowledge, and specific achievements associated with the development of biochemistry and immunology.

All methods are based on the detection in the blood or urine of female pregnancy hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin. This substance is found in modern methods of blood a woman a week after conception.

The most widespread and rapid diagnosis of pregnancy by means of test systems, based on the principle of chromatography. The sensitivity test is sufficient for almost 100% accurate diagnosis of pregnancy on the 1st day of delay in the expected monthly, and often as possible and for 3-5 days before the delay. With this test in many cases detected and ectopic pregnancy, however, to distinguish it from the uterine pregnancy on the basis of this single test is impossible. Now on sale are a variety of diagnostic tests for pregnancy, allowing yourself to identify a pregnancy at home. The most common such test is the test strips immersed in urine for 1-2 minutes. By the number of colored bands are judged on the availability of pregnancy.

Using ELISA can accurately determine the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin in the blood. But for the diagnosis of pregnancy usually do not use this method because there is no need. But in some cases, such a definition is of practical importance. For example, to observe the nature of pregnancy, diagnosis of trophoblastic disease, ectopic pregnancy.

Another well-known and accessible method for diagnosis of early pregnancy is an ultrasound scan (USS) of pregnancy. It can detect pregnancy about 5-6 day delay period. On examination, a special transvaginal probe (which is inserted into the vagina), this can be done for 1-3 days before. In these terms can be seen on ultrasound in the womb fertilized egg with a diameter of 4-6 mm.

Thus, the current diagnosis of pregnancy does not pose much difficulty for the expert and can be very early.

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