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Massage Therapy for Asthma

Massage Therapy for Asthma

Therapeutic massage can help a patient with asthma to cope with the first signs of an attack of asthma and learn how to dose exercise to maintain muscle activity without harming their health.

These massage techniques are based on the patient's resistance to the counter hands massage therapist or special accessories and devices. The patient is their resistance to stress dosing, and its individual fatigue determines the duration of the procedure. These techniques allow you to eliminate the pleural adhesions, restore the normal topography of the organs, and the interstitial gaps between the organ and the spaces of the lungs and a normal tour of the natural drainage function. Restore elasticity and mobility of the chest allows rehabilitative process involved in the whole lung tissue, creating a pressure drop, generating various efforts from the outside, creating a strain on inhalation or exhalation.

Massage Therapy for Asthma

Massage the collar region, back, and then the chest, the respiratory muscles. Held a strong massage of the back muscles on the couch with the foot elevated. Duration of massage for 10-15 minutes. The treatment course of 15-20 treatments.

The patient sits relaxed muscle. Masseur standing or sitting behind the patient. First, for 2-3 minutes. impact on the region of the back, the back of the neck, the anterior side of the chest, using stroking, light rubbing. then for 8-10 minutes to selectively affect the back muscles, intercostal space, the rear surface of the neck and suprascapular area.

Divorced and installed on the intercostal space fingers on command or at random if the patient exhalation (usually through the mouth with lips compressed) produce jerky motion of the spine to the sternum, increasing the pressure, making the 5.6 movement. Then the therapist has his hands on the anterior abdominal wall near the xiphoid process and provides jerky upward movement at the time of expiration extended sick. Respiratory Massage repeat 3-4 times. Rounding out the procedure stroking his back, chest, for 3-5 minutes, rubbing, alternating it with a pat, effleurage. The patient should be taught to breathe properly and make sure that during the procedure he did not hold your breath. Procedure duration - 12-15 minutes of treatment - 16-18 procedures a day.

Impact on the area of tissue hypertrophy of the projection of the left lung upper lobe and lower lobe of right lung, using rubbing, kneading, and intermittent vibration. Then act on the left side of the chest in front, followed by transfer to the right half of the lumbar region and back to the corner of the right scapula. Complete the left shoulder area.

Foot massage shungite in bronchial asthma

Experience has shown that a daily foot massage is a good shungite prevention of many diseases, including asthma attacks reduced in patients with asthma.

At the heart of walking on pebbles schungite reflexology is: we all know that the soles of the feet are the active zone, called the projection of all organs and systems of our body. Therefore, doctors recommend walking barefoot on the sand of morning grass. This is accompanied by stimulation of all zones, and the body gets the energy.

If you walk on schungite pebbles, then the body is a real energy storm: just trampled 3-5 minutes.

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