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Delirium - clouding of consciousness syndrome

Delirium (insanity) - a syndrome of clouding of consciousness, characterized by severe visual hallucinations, illusions, delusions and accompanied by imaginative psychomotor agitation, violation of orientation in time and place.

Hallucinations are mostly character stsenopodobnyh, mobile, multiple, often zoological.

Delirium tremens (delirium tremens drunks) - an acute alcoholic psychosis, observed in II-III stages of alcoholism.

The clinic is determined by the delirious syndrome occurring with the emotion of confusion, fear, expressed somatovegetativnyh violations:
  • Big sweeping tremor
  • Sweating
  • unsteadiness of gait
  • tachycardia
  • fluctuations in blood pressure
  • low-grade fever
  • muscle weakness.

The influx of hallucinations in the evening and night time, especially in the unlit room. By morning the symptoms usually is on the wane, but in the evening, in the absence of adequate treatment is resumed.

Patients disoriented or incompletely oriented in time and place. There is a change in the opposite poles of mood.

With the deepening of delirium occur auditory, olfactory hallucinations, and thermal. Patients are excited, trying to hide, to whisk yourself something, catch imaginary animals. Frequent delusional experiences (ideas of persecution, physical destruction).

Duration of alcoholic delirium to a week, but sometimes it can be protracted over. When you exit the phenomena of psychosis may be a partial amnesia and residual delusional symptoms. Delirium without delirium - an atypical form of delirium tremens drunkards, characterized by the clinical picture of the lack of hallucinations and delusions.

There are also:
  • drug
  • hysterical
  • senile
  • infectious delirium.

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