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Congenital pyloric stenosis

Congenital pyloric stenosis

Congenital pyloric stenosis - a congenital abnormality (thickening), pylorus combined with pyloric spasm. As a consequence, impaired evacuation of gastric contents.

Congenital pyloric stenosis occurs mostly in full-term boys - the first-born.

Clinical signs of defect seen in the first days after birth, but usually for 2-4 weeks of age. The child vomiting at the beginning after each feeding, then less frequently, vomiting, profuse, with a strong jet ("fountain"). Amount exceeds the amount of vomit adopted before the meal, indicating that gastric hypersecretion, and delays in the content therein. In the vomit does not happen, as a rule, the impurities of bile. Body weight is stable or declining. Often parents report a delay of stool (constipation hungry). The number of urination is reduced. A careful examination of the abdomen can be observed enhanced motility of the stomach, takes the form of an hourglass. Peristalsis increases after a meal and with a light effleurage in the epigastric region. Often possible to palpate the hypertrophied gatekeeper in the form of a dense rolling education.

Distinguish between acute and protracted forms of congenital pyloric stenosis. Usually there is a gradual increase in symptoms. Skin becomes dry, features tapered, is "hungry look", the child looks older than his age. In the later stages develop dehydration and a violation of water-salt metabolism.

Treatment of congenital pyloric stenosis surgery. Operation of choice is pylorotomy.

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