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Colpitis - Diagnosis, Treatment

Colpitis - Diagnosis, Treatment

Banal coleitis can cause negative staphylococci, streptococci, Escherichia, Proteus, Haemophilus influenzae, etc. Often there are associations of microorganisms, including nonspecific and specific pathogens. Colpitis are the most common gynecological disease. Colpitis - Clinic In the acute stage of vaginitis vaginitis marked banal complaints of profuse muco-purulent leucorrhoea, pruritus vulva, and sometimes - a violation of the general state of health.

On examination, pronounced redness and swelling of the mucous membrane of the vaginal walls, enhanced exudation of pus formation. In severe desquamation of the surface occurs with the formation of the epithelial cells of small erosions. In chronic process, all changes are smoothed out, and patients concerned about only moderate or minor mucous leucorrhoea, or sero-purulent character. Often the inflammatory mucosal changes can be detected only at colposcopy.

Diagnosis of Colpitis

Diagnosis of vaginitis should take account of its etiology (except for the specific nature), which is achieved by using tuberculosis microscopy and bacteriological methods.

Treatment of Colpitis

Treatment banal colpitis must take account of all its clinical manifestations. Antibiotics are best not to assign, using primarily a means of local therapy. If necessary, use of antibiotics should be used taking into account the sensitivity of microorganisms. For use as a vaginal douche decoction of camomile, sage, calendula, baths and vaginal swabs dioksidina. Local application of antibiotics (ointments, creams, gels) should be brief, you should take into account the sensitivity of the pathogen (the association of pathogens). After the acute inflammation subsided you can use tampons with the balm "Vitaon."

Treatment of bacterial vulvovaginitis in girls should be comprehensive and include thorough hygiene of sexual organs, a diet with the exception of acute extractive food, sweets, fats, salt and fried. Necessary to carry out simultaneous treatment of concomitant extragenital diseases (metabolic disorders), use the bracing means (vitamins, biostimulators, calcium), and antihistamines. With copious vaginal lavage demonstrated through a thin catheter Frc solution 0.02%, rivanola 1:5000, 3% hydrogen peroxide. Necessary to use hip baths with decoction of anti-inflammatory herbs. After cleaning the trays or 2 times a day on the external genitalia can be applied furatsilinovoy or oxolinic ointment. If vulvovaginitis is the result of intestinal enterobiasis, shows specific deworming.

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