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Uterine fibroids - Prevention

Prevention of uterine fibroids

In view of the prevalence of uterine fibroids prevention of its development is now an urgent issue. A prerequisite to the development of this pathology, as well as for the majority of diseases are stress and non-healthy lifestyle. Fibroids can occur and grow not only as a result of emotional outburst, accompanied by a huge release of hormones, but also against the backdrop of everyday experiences that affect the endocrine and immune systems.

Psychological comfort, optimal physical activity, proper nutrition, avoidance of harmful habits, must be combined with actions that are aimed at preventing the disease.

First of all, it's a regular routine inspection. Visiting the gynecologist every six months and an ultrasound of the pelvic organs, allowing to identify abnormalities at an early stage.

Contraception, prevention of uterine fibroids

The measure of prevention of uterine fibroids is a rational contraception (to exclude the possibility of abortion). To this end, better use of modern contraceptive hormonal preparations, after consultation with the doctor.

In young women with hereditary uterine pregnancy must be preserved first. Be sure to conduct a systematic correction of hormonal abnormalities, and early treatment of inflammatory gynecological diseases, if any.

Do not forget about the prevention of hypothermia, general and "ladies" associated with blotted, freezing feet, knees and buttocks. Clothing and footwear should be selected accordingly season. Do not sit on the damp earth and stones, even in warm weather, after swimming in a pool or pond should immediately change a wet bathing suit to dry.

Underwear made from natural materials

Women are not advised to wear synthetic underwear and pants are too tight, such clothing interferes with the normal heat transfer. You should avoid excessive insolation as direct sunlight or in tanning salons, use protective creams. Getting rid of many gynecological problems, including those from uterine fibroids, contribute to pregnancy and birth of children, followed by breast-feeding is not only positively affects the psychological state of the mother and child, but also ensuring the normalization of the level of sex hormones in women.

Significantly regular harmonious sexual life and to achieve orgasm, which are the prevention of genital tumors.

Be sure to follow the mass of the body, with every extra 10 kg of the risk of developing this disease increases by 20%.


The positive effect of providing reception of trace elements (iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, iodine) and vitamins A, C, E, which possess antioxidant properties.

Prevention of uterine fibroids, a healthy lifestyle and taking care of the reproductive function of women.

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