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Tricuspid regurgitation, Diagnosis, Treatment

Tricuspid regurgitation, Diagnosis, Treatment

Tricuspid or tricuspid valve lies between the right atrium and right ventricle of the heart. It opens in diastole and after atrial-ventricular opening, limited by this valve, the diastolic phase of the venous blood from the right atrial free to come to the right ventricle. In systole the valve closes and prevents backflow of blood from the right ventricle into the right atrium. All the blood from the right ventricle at the same time enters into the pulmonary artery and then into the lungs.

In tricuspid valve does not close it completely the entrance to the right atrium and the blood from the right ventricle in systole falls back into the right atrium.

Tricuspid valve is of two kinds:

Absolute failure occurs when the tricuspid valve and other rheumatic valve lesions, when the leaf scars and change the valve can not perform its function.
The relative valvular insufficiency occurs when the valve ring tension due to dilation (widening) of the right ventricular cardiomyopathy and other disorders of the muscles of the right ventricle.

In tricuspid valve of the blood from the right ventricle in systole enters the right atrium. First, the right atrium hypertrophies trying to cope with the increased load, but soon decompensation occurs and the muscle is stretched atrium, right atrium increases in size. During diastole, the right ventricle gets more blood from the atria, which in turn leads to ventricular hypertrophy, and then to decompensation, expansion and disruption of the right ventricle of the heart. The right ventricle can not pump all the blood from the systemic circulation and there is a stagnated in the systemic circulation. There are edema, increased venous pressure, swelling of the neck veins, liver enlargement, fluid accumulation in the abdomen - ascites. Specific symptoms of heart disease do not.

Tricuspid valve - Diagnosis

When listening can be detected systolic murmur, worse on inspiration. But this noise is intermittent and often disappears. Upon accession of heart failure in patients having signs of stagnation in the systemic circulation. On the electrocardiogram show signs of increased right atrium and right ventricle. On the x-ray - a significant increase in the right atrium, to a lesser extent the right ventricle. When echocardiography signs of compaction of the valves are the tricuspid valve and the backflow of blood from the right ventricle into the right atrium. At the same time determined by the degree of regurgitation (backward flow of blood), which is important in determining the indications for surgical treatment. Depending on the degree of regurgitation was determined by 3 degrees of tricuspid valve.

Tricuspid valve - Treatment

Surgical treatment of tricuspid valve is made at 2 and 3 degrees of failure. In the first degree operation do not normally do. Prosthetic tricuspid valve is rarely produced. Only when gross changes in the valve, if recovery is impossible. Usually produce plastic surgery on the valve. Valve is sewn, sometimes of three wings form two, connective plastic rings to attach the valve to produce a rigid support ring means.

Mortality in prosthetic tricuspid valve about 14%. It is significantly lower when plastic surgery on the valve. Results of surgical treatment are satisfactory.

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