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Lack of sleep and blood pressure

Lack of sleep and blood pressure

Some studies show that lack of sleep can lead to increased blood pressure.

In October 2007 the American journal "Hypertension" published a study that said that women who sleep duration of less than 7:00 at night, there is an increased risk of developing hypertension. The study involved 10,300 women aged 35-55 years in 5 years. Compared with women who sleep which lasted 7:00, women, sleep, which lasted for 6 hours the risk of hypertension was 42% higher. Women who slept in the day not more than 5 hours, this risk was higher by 31%.

The same conclusion was reached by scientists as a result of a similar study in 2006, which indicates a lack of sleep effects on the risk of hypertension.

The researchers analyzed data on 4810 people aged 32-86 years. Among the study participants aged 32-59 years, those who slept less than a day 6:00 a risk of hypertension was higher than in 2 times. Participants older than 59 years, this relationship was not as pronounced.

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