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Bacterial vaginosis-symptoms,treatment

Bacterial vaginosis-symptoms,treatment, Infectious diseases of women

Bacterial vaginosis - among many inflammatory diseases of the urinary organs, transmitted by sexual contact, such as chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, leykoplazmoz, trihomomonoz, and others, hold a special place, and bacterial vaginosis, or gardnerella vaginitis. Previously, he was known as nonspecific vaginitis, korinobakterial. Currently, these names are obsolete.

The cause of bacterial vaginosis, but not absolute, is a vaginal gardnerella, which is a small cocci or rods, and sometimes both together, as has the ability to vary.

It is transmitted by sexual contact and occurs in both women and men. The latter is most often a long time, it can be in a latent state, that is not causing symptoms. For women, being on the mucosa of the vagina, gardnerella and some time can not express themselves. This period is called the latent or incubation, and can last from five to ten days or more. Under certain conditions, when there is a substitution of the normal vaginal microflora (lactic acid bacteria), various microorganisms, gardnerella begins to multiply rapidly, contaminated with mucus, and that's when there are signs of the disease. Provoking moments of this process may be the termination of pregnancy, insertion of an intrauterine contraceptive (spiral), exacerbation of various chronic diseases.

For bacterial vaginosis is characterized by redness of the vestibule and the vagina, on the walls of the last occurrence of thick grayish-white discharge. Their number may be increased, forming a cluster at the entrance to the vagina, and sometimes flowing out. Women suffering from this disease, say the discomfort expressed in discomfort, burning, and sometimes mild itching in the vagina. In addition, attention is drawn to a sharp, unpleasant "fishy" odor emissions. Sometimes even in the absence of other symptoms of this character causes the woman to pay attention to it. It should be noted that, when mixed with the secretions smell of soap solution increases sharply, as the alkali contained in soaps, increases the amount of released volatile amines, which in turn cause specific smell. This principle is used in the laboratory diagnosis of complex diseases.

Vaginal gardnerella can affect not only the mucosa of the vagina, uterus and its appendages (tubes, ovaries). In this case there are pains in the abdomen more or less intensity, resulting in can take place far-reaching consequences, such as menstrual disorders, accompanied by a prolonged bleeding, premature labor in pregnant women, infection of the fetus from an infected mother, and sometimes infertility. If the agent gets into the urethra, then there are a burning sensation during urination and cramps.

If you have symptoms of the disease should not engage in self or refer to the "knowledgeable" friends. There should be intervention specialist, since virtually no bacterial vaginosis is an independent disease, but most often occurs in combination with other infections, and even contact with sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, syphilis). Consequently, the question of diagnosis and treatment should be decided by a specialist after an appropriate investigation. To confirm the above example of the practice. Female 22 years old approached the office of an anonymous survey in an urban STI clinic on discharge from the genital tract with an unpleasant odor. When a special examination, the patient also revealed bacterial vaginosis: ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and syphilis, which required special treatment. As they say, no comment.

In conclusion I would add that the new information that has just captured the readers, should not be a cause for panic and unnecessary suspicion, though I must admit that with bacterial vaginosis medical specialists have now to deal with quite often. Prevention of this disease is banal, but it is reliable: fewer sexual partners better, if only one, but true. And if I have cause for alarm, immediately contact a doctor!

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