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The choice of bariatric surgery for weight loss

The choice of bariatric surgery for weight loss

A matter of choice for weight loss surgery is decided largely based on Body Mass Index (BMI), which can calculate the following formula:

Weight (kg) divided by height (m) squared.

If your body mass index between 30 and 40, talk about the operation too early, you should use other methods of weight loss, for example, intragastric balloon place (this method is not an operation). On the other hand, if you have conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, joint problems, or legs, or varicose veins, whereas a BMI that is required for operation can be reduced to 35.

If your BMI is 40-50, then most likely you will need to put a ring on adjustable restrictive stomach - gastric banding. If your BMI is over 50, you are most suitable operation, such as gastric bypass, because the imposition of the ring on the stomach, most likely, will not be as effective. Gastric bypass surgery makes the strongest effect with the minimum number of possible long-term effects.

Intragastric balloon

As an interim measure to reduce the weight applied intragastric balloon. This method of operation is not. Intragastric balloon is a silicone balloon filled with liquid in the volume "0.5" liter. Filling of the intraventricular space, as well as by acting on nerve endings, balloon simulates the feeling of satiety.

Through the installation of the gastric balloon the patient can lose 15 - 20kg. However, it must be remembered that not all is well tolerated the presence of a large foreign body in the stomach. In addition, at 6 months after the installation of the cylinder must be removed to avoid complications. At the same time, if not for the old set a new balloon, the lost weight may come back again in abundance.

Gastric banding

The aim of the operation is in a sharp decrease in the amount of food eaten, and therefore reducing the amount of calories consumed. This is achieved by imposing a special silicone ring (band) at the top of the stomach, just below the esophagus. Ring overlay gives the stomach an hourglass shape.

Very small amount of food entering the stomach and the small part of staying in it, causing gastric wall tension, which usually happens only when an overcrowded stomach. Special nerves signal the top of the stomach to the brain: "I'm hungry!" A year and a half after this operation, you can lose 50 to 70% overweight.

Gastric bypass surgery

An operation that combines the reduction of the stomach and reduce absorption of nutrients - is gastric bypass surgery. Its essence lies in the fact that it creates a "small ventricle," a volume of 50 ml through the intersection at the top of the stomach, and then this "small ventricle" sewn loop of small intestine. At the same time food is in short track and half-for patency of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the intestine is rearranged so that the digestive juices of the pancreas and bile found in food only after passing through five feet of small intestine.

Thus, by reducing the gastric effect is achieved by a small amount of food eaten, and its "idle" transport through the small intestine reduces absorption of nutrients. A year and a half after this operation, you can lose 70 to 100% overweight. Of course, this is only tentative scheme of choosing the method of operation. In practice, things are not so clear, since it is necessary to consider many additional factors, such as eating habits of patients, general health, level of discipline, financial opportunities and much more.

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