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Pregnancy - expert advice in the third trimester

Pregnancy - expert advice in the third trimester


Perhaps the breasts are beginning to provide a thick substance - colostrum (colostrum). This material is close in composition to human milk, but much richer in enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients necessary for creating an enabling environment in the gastrointestinal tract of the baby. That is it affects the normal development of the microflora in the gut.

Breasts become fuller and firmer. Need to take care of the nipples. Wear a sterile pad or special inserts - collections. At this time it is necessary to stop working with the nipples, not to stimulate premature labor. However, water therapy, massage, water, comfortable and douches can leave. If necessary, lubricate the breast with oil extracts of herbs (rose hips, sea buckthorn, wheat germ).

Increased discomfort

Internal organs is becoming more closely adjacent to the uterus. To reduce discomfort, use good posture. To reduce discomfort, try not to bend your back, keep your legs slightly bent, butt down down. Follow the diet. Eat little and often, keep an eye on the combination products to prevent fermentation, flatulence and make food easy to digest.

Difficulty breathing, heaviness and discomfort in the legs

Try to improve your condition, using breathing exercises. Do special exercises for the legs. Keep your feet in a horizontal position so that there was no swelling of the ankles. If the doctor can use the water treatments.


Consult a physician. The heartbeat is often associated with the overflow of the stomach. Eat little and often. More fresh air. If the doctor does not object, visit the pool, spend a water treatment at home.

Back pain

Back pain often caused by an increase in pressure and weight of the growing uterus. During pregnancy, femoro-sacral joints, which are usually fixed, begin to relax under the action of hormones that a child could easily pass through during childbirth. Sleep on a hard mattress. Apply to back something warm, such as a hot water bottle with warm water (not hot!).

It is well to massage.

Watch for posture. Wear shoes with low heels, or the center of gravity shifts, changing the location of the pelvic organs and there is a big load on the spine. Be sure to watch your weight, more weight will load only the spine.

Learn how to properly lift weights: should firmly stand up, feet slightly apart and bend your buttocks. Slightly bend your knees (not the waist!) And calm, without jerks lift cargo, using the muscles of the shoulders, legs and back. It is important to distribute the weight evenly on both hands, if possible. Do not carry everything in one arm or stomach. Avoid prolonged standing or sitting. If necessary, you should lean with one foot on a low stool, bending the knee. This will prevent excessive muscle tension of the sacrum.

Correctly seated. Well sit on a chair, the back of which is the focus of the spine. It is best to direct support for the back, with handrails and a firm seat. Do not place your foot on the leg. It causes too much congestion, the deflection of the pelvis forward and may increase the pain. Use the stand at his feet. Check with your doctor whether you wear a belt for pregnant women. Be sure to learn how to rest and relax. Follow the articular exercises, correct breathing.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins are observed in 20-40% of pregnant women. This is possible in late pregnancy, when blood flow slows down and increases venous pressure in the lower extremities, as well as genetic predisposition, or overweight. In varicose veins weak wave of contraction and blood, going back, stagnate. This creates pressure in the veins.

We recommend therapeutic exercise, soft, warm-up training, joint exercises, swimming pool. Follow the diet. Varicose veins in the diet should be sufficient vitamins E and C.

Control your weight.

Most of rest, putting his feet on the rise. Try less to stand or sit with legs crossed, as the force of gravity creates a lot of pressure on the veins. Leg muscle activity will help the veins return the blood, increasing circulation. Do not massage varicose veins, as it increases the pressure on the veins. In certain cases it is recommended to wear special stockings. Do not wear clothing that restricts movement - Avoid belts, encircling the thighs, stockings, socks with elastic top, armbands and tight shoes.

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is usually observed in the later stages of pregnancy. It is a consequence of the fact that the child is already so large that the expansion of the lungs have less room. In addition, the increased oxygen demand due to the need of the child in it. Try more likely to be outdoors. Correct breathing. Do not overeat. Sweating sweating normally increases at later stages of pregnancy. Most take a comfortable shower. Underwear should be cotton and not synthetic. Be sure to watch out for analysis. Avoid spicy and fatty foods.


Preterm births occur more frequently in the summer, which, apparently due to a significant loss of body fluids are women. Maintain optimal fluid regime. It is important to read the following signs of preterm labor: uterine contractions with a frequency of 5 times per hour or more and a selection of red blood from the genital tract, swelling or puffiness of the face or hands, pain during urination, severe or prolonged abdominal pain, acute or continuous vomiting; sudden discharge of watery clear fluid from the genital tract; monotonous aching back pain (lower back) a lot of pressure at the bottom of the pelvis; When you see these signs (in various combinations) should seek immediate medical attention.

A healthy lifestyle, the ability to quickly and competently to relax, breathe properly and communicate with your baby during pregnancy will help to bear and give birth to a healthy and strong baby. In our practice sessions to prepare for birth mothers and school, this topic is important. Studies conducted in Russia, the USA, Japan and other countries clearly show - Pregnant women who have undergone training for childbirth and motherhood school, have much fewer complications during birth.

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