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Fatigue in the treatment of breast cancer

Fatigue in the treatment of breast cancer

Fatigue is usually associated with excessive loads, or, for example, long wait. We usually get tired after a busy day. But after a good night's sleep fatigue disappears. Fatigue is often difficult to associate with anything.

Fatigue can not be described. A woman can not say, "Look here, my fatigue." However, the problem of fatigue in patients with breast cancer is. Fatigue - this is one of the important problems in the treatment of cancers, including breast cancer. Fatigue in cancer - is somewhat different than simple fatigue.

Patients with breast cancer usually does not do any heavy physical activity, so they can not say that at present the cause of fatigue is such-and-so. Fatigue in cancer - is the lack of vital energy, which can be compared with the weakness. It shows the fading interest in people and communication. When you are "placed" in the center of cancer treatment, your body as it gets in the thick of battle. It takes a lot of resources to fight the tumor, the side effects of treatment and maintain vitality. As a result, there is fatigue.

It should be noted that fatigue in cancer has the feature that when you go through the easiest time of treatment, there is the most severe fatigue that may persist even after treatment.

The causes of fatigue can have various aspects of the treatment of breast cancer.

Surgery. The operation - whatever it was - a small or extensive, is always stressful for the body. It violates the normal rhythm of life and limits the patient's physical activity. In addition, special effect on body condition and anesthesia, which, when breast cancer is often shared. Postoperative pain is also a powerful factor in fatigue, even though the use of analgesic drugs, which in this case itself can cause fatigue.

Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy - a fairly powerful drugs. Unfortunately, the power of their influence is reflected not only in tumors but also in healthy tissues and organs of the patient. One such body is the bone marrow - the cradle of blood cells: erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets. With prolonged duration of chemotherapy may develop anemia - a sharp decline in blood levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin, which carry oxygen, that is, there is oxygen starvation. This, in turn, manifests loss of strength and energy. Immune cells also suffer from chemotherapy. This manifests itself in reducing the body's defenses. As a result of the fact that the slightest infection causes a certain stress, it also affects the fatigue.

Radiation therapy. By itself, radiation, aimed at a certain limited space, such as the chest, not the cause of fatigue. However, the process of daily exposure, when the patient has to build its schedule, taking into account radiation therapy has an effect on her condition. In addition, radiation therapy is often performed immediately after surgery or chemotherapy. Thus, this type of treatment superimposed effects last. Therefore, many patients believe that fatigue is associated with radiation. In the case of radiation and bone metastases, can affect the bone marrow, and then the effect may appear as chemotherapy. When the radiation is directed to a tumor or metastases in front of the neck, the changes may affect the thyroid and parathyroid glands, resulting in a change in metabolism. This all leads to fatigue.

Hormone therapy. Antiestrogen therapy or stopping hormone replacement therapy may also cause some weakness. In general, any change in hormonal levels may occur by fatigue, as this suffering and energy metabolism.

Flushes of heat. This phenomenon is familiar to many women who have menopause. The reason it is the lack of estrogen in the body. These tides can be tiring woman. When hormone therapy for breast cancer is a phenomenon observed in the appointment of tamoxifen, or if the patient who has breast cancer is detected, is forced to stop taking hormone replacement therapy.

Nausea and pain. This also is an important cause of fatigue.

Weight gain and decreased physical activity. Reduced physical activity leads to fatigue. Increased weight is also a factor in the reduction of physical activity.

Steroid drugs. Steroids have many side effects, and one of them is connected with the fact that fluid accumulates in the body. This leads to weight gain. Additionally, steroids cause hormonal changes in the background. They cause muscle weakness. All these effects of steroids are accompanied by fatigue.

Emotional stress. This factor is also an important source of fatigue. Stress has an impact not only on the patient's emotional state, but also to the various organs and systems. Stress causes all kinds of negative emotions, feelings for the possible results of repeated studies, the results of various treatments.

Depression. Depression is often a symptom of cancer. And one of its symptoms is fatigue. When depression is marked depressed mood, the unwillingness to engage in daily activities, and even more so to start something new.

How to cope with fatigue the most

The first thing required of you - this re-evaluation of the emotional aspects of your life. In addition, you can take some steps that will help you a bit to improve their physical condition through diet and exercise.

Bigger move. Very often when a woman does not want fatigue to do anything. With some difficulty forcing himself to perform the most important things to do around the house, and treatment-related, sometimes it does not have sufficient strength to do the rest. But it is not. It is important to bring myself to overcome this fatigue. Go outside, walk around the house. It takes only half an hour three times a week. Or, try swimming in the pool. These events did not tire you out, but give cheerfulness and energy. In addition, they facilitate the manifestation of the tides, and contribute to the rapid onset of sleep.

Follow the right diet and water balance. Proper diet certainly plays an important role in the treatment of any disease. No less important is the observance of the water balance. Do not forget that the rate of fluid intake per day up to 3 liters, of which about 1.5 - 2 liters of water you get. Try to take a nap during the day. However, it should not be a long sleep - just half an hour. It is advisable to go to bed always at the same time and just wake up. Observe the daily routine. The distribution of their cases during the day will help you to cope with them, and at the same time encourages you to activity.

Limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine is found not only in coffee and tea, but also in other drinks such as Pepsi or Coca-Cola, as well as in chocolate. If you have problems with insomnia, you can try to drink warm milk with honey at night, or apple cider. Sometimes in this situation may help to alcohol, but do not abuse it.

Unfortunately, because of the magic drug that could save the patient from the symptoms of fatigue. But to overcome this phenomenon by using all the different drugs that act on the cause of fatigue.

At the reduced power of immune system required drugs that stimulate cell growth, immunity. For example, neupogen (filgrastim), which belongs to the so-called factors of cell growth. In addition, to strengthen the immune system requires adequate rest and proper nutrition patients.

With the development of infectious complications, which can also cause fatigue, antibiotics. With infections of the natural protective reaction to a fever, that is, increased body temperature. As a result, increased perspiration, which the body takes a certain portion of water, and with it, and mineral salts. Therefore, in addition, an adequate balance of water is important.

When anemia in cancer patients is an important factor in fatigue, drugs used to stimulate the growth of the bone marrow which produces red blood cells. Currently, there are various means of this group, such as Procrit, Epogen, anaresp, all of which are derived ertitropoetina - a natural substance that stimulates the bone marrow. By the way, the usual iron antianemic drugs in this case do little, as in the treatment of cancer suffers no iron in hemoglobin, namely the process of making red blood cells. Healthy food in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables, and meat by itself has no stimulatory effect on bone marrow, but nevertheless essential to the body at this stage.

If you have detected a certain lack of thyroid function, the doctor may prescribe hormones. Do not be scared again, hormone therapy, as in this case the hormones that you will appoint, replace the lost function of the thyroid gland. Her hypothyroidism (ie, loss of function) leads to a reduction in overall metabolism, which is manifested in fatigue and weakness.

In the case of depression, antidepressants are usually prescribed. But no less important plays and psychological care, as medical, and in the form of support from your family and friends.

Fighting sleepiness

Fatigue can try to resolve a variety of ways. But do not just go on the pill. The first half during fatigue may have been relatively productive. But now and then there is a feeling as if you were engaged in a day of heavy physical or mental work. As a rule, in the course are endless cups of coffee, tea, and even medicines. The best way to combat fatigue in cancer treatment - a movement. Try to start each morning with a charge or a shower.

We recommend taking vitamin complexes and minerals. The fact is that sometimes the patient is difficult to force myself to eat properly, especially when side effects of chemotherapy and other drugs. This is evident lack of vitamins, in particular, group B Minerals also play a role, for example, magnesium is necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system. Of course, it would be better to get these important elements of the food in its natural form, but sometimes you can resort to drugs.

As we have said, do not immediately seek the help of pills. Try to plant charges. Stimulating the collection can be made from crushed in a coffee grinder equal amounts of nettle, echinacea, celery root, golden root, and Kalgan. Half a teaspoon of the powder should be prepared with boiling water and boil in 5 - 10 minutes is ready to brew. The powder can be carried and used as needed by simply putting two pinch on the tongue and sucking for a while. But do not want to take it at night, and then you do not fall asleep at night.

Other plants that stimulate the nervous system, are ginseng, Aralia and Eleutherococcus. Their infusion blow at any pharmacy. The doses of these drugs are selected individually, and not more than 30 drops per reception. Otherwise, it may increase blood pressure, heart palpitations appear, irritability and insomnia. Before taking them, consult with your doctor.

It is a good means of restoring force is cedar oil. One teaspoon in your mouth, take it, abundantly mixed with saliva and swallow. Take 3 times a day one hour before meals for a month. In addition, the commonly used essential oils of plants such as lavender, rosemary, lemon, sage, jasmine. It is enough just to sniff a bottle of flavored or napkin.

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