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Breast prostheses

Breast prostheses

In 1970, Ruth Handler, creator of the Barbie doll, the doctor advised to recreate the shape of the breast beneath the bra fabric. Mrs. Handler was not satisfied that advice. She later became the founder of the world's first silicone prosthesis, which was called "Almost I am."

Nowadays you have a much better chance of restoring the old form, than your mothers and grandmothers. Currently, there are many prostheses of various shapes, styles and brands. For women who undergo breast implants, issued special clothing. The beauty of the breast implants is that they can very quickly "fill the void." After such an injury that women suffered during the mastectomy surgery, prosthesis - is relieved, allowing it to easily restore its appearance and body shape.

Types of breast implants

Breast prostheses are made of different shapes. Size and of different materials: silicone, polyurethane, or fiber filler. The ideal prosthesis in this case must be similar to the shape, weight and mobility of a real breast.

We can distinguish, for your convenience, the two main types of breast prostheses.

Lightweight prostheses from the foam or a fibrous filler. They are recommended for patients immediately after the recovery period after surgery, as they found most comfortable during normal physical activity, and swimming in warm weather.

Silicone implants. This type of prosthesis has the most realistic character, because it looks more like a real breast feels. These implants come in two forms:
Asymmetric (ie, only the left or right breast)

Note that the silicone implants of its weight is heavier than foam or a fibrous filler, and therefore can sometimes weary woman. But their balanced weight allows you to keep your posture straight.

Restoration of the nipple

Of course, if you wish, you can leave everything as is. You can choose for themselves an artificial nipple, or recreate it surgically. None of these methods is not perfect and none of them have already returned the same sensitivity. Recreating a new form of breast cancer after mastectomy - that's not all. After all, the transplanted flap, for example, there is no nipple. And this, though small, but the main attribute of a natural breast.

The artificial nipple is similar in shape, color and texture of the nipple is polyurethane, which is attached to the reconstructed breast with suction cups. You can remove it when you want and return back.

Another way to restore the nipple - a tattoo. Finally, another way to restore the nipple - a plastic surgery.

For nipple reconstruction surgery in this case, the tissue of the labia majora. The whole operation takes two hours and can be an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

Another area where the fabric can be taken to create the nipple - this is the inner surface of the thigh. In fact, the surgeon can take tissue to create a nipple from any location, especially if the procedure is performed during reconstructive surgery. The skin around the nipples may darken over time, or the surgeon uses for this tattoo.

 It is worth noting an important point, which recreated the nipple does not have the sensitivity, which had a real nipple. Therefore, the idea of recreating the nipple of the teat tissue health is not welcome, because after the operation is still sharply reduced the sensitivity of Buda. Moreover, in this case, the sensitivity can be reduced in both nipples.

In addition, please note that the reconstruction of the nipple is usually carried out not earlier than two months after plastic surgery. This is due to the fact that by this time goes by swelling of the breast, and it becomes a natural look.

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