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Tips for skin care during radiotherapy for breast cancer

Tips for skin care during radiotherapy for breast cancer

Sensitive skin

The skin of the upper inner corner of the breast is most susceptible to irritating effects of radiation for several reasons:
  • The angle of the radiation beam is parallel to the skin at this point and goes, therefore, a larger piece of tissue,
  • This site is more exposed breast irradiation.

In addition, the skin in the underarm area as well is more irritated, because in addition to radiation exposure, in this place there is the friction of the skin, and irritation of sweat and hair.

The other area that is more irritable, compared to other sites, is under the fold of the breast, as this place is irritated bra, and a beam of radiation at this point and is parallel to the skin and there is friction.

Here are some tips for skin care during radiation therapy to reduce the irritant effect on her and help her to recover soon after the completion of treatment:
  • Taking a shower or bath, use warm water, avoid hot water, as she once again irritate the skin.
  • During the shower, no water should flow directly to the mammary gland.
  • Avoid soaps with a sharp flavor, but instead recommended to use soap with moisturizing agents (eg, Dove).
  • In order to avoid redness and irritation, be careful to avoid any friction between the different parts of the skin (these areas, where usually there is friction, we have indicated above).

In order to avoid the friction of the skin, avoid hand contact with the body at every opportunity. Try wears loose clothing that fits tightly is not the body. It is recommended to wear a bra that will pull hanging down his chest, thus avoiding friction in folds. If you have big breasts and you can not wear a bra, put under the fold of the breast a soft cotton or flannel cloth to avoid the friction of the skin and thus irritation.

Remember that in the folds of the skin there is always an infection - yeast Candida. In these folds (eg, under the breast), where there is a corresponding humidity and heat, they are thriving. A sign of a yeast infection is redness, itching and some discharge palely on the skin. If you have such an infection, take care of it before starting treatment. commonly used antifungal ointment. To select a particular tool, you must consult a dermatologist.

Regularly use a powder on the skin friction of starch-based (but not talc!). Powder absorbs excess moisture and gives skin a pleasant fresh scent. Powder should be applied with a soft brush or straight from the vial pripudrivaya. Make sure that the powder is distributed evenly. In the appointment of a doctor of any ointment or cream, first apply them, and then powder powder.

As recommended at the time of exposure:

At the beginning of the course of irradiation, before you have developed side effects of radiation, it is recommended daily moisturize the skin after irradiation with the help of special tools. These tools can be applied at night.

If you have mild redness, itching and burning, use of aloe products. You can also crush steroid ointment, such as 1% hydrocortisone ointment. Apply it on the affected skin with a thin uniform layer. Three times a day.

If the irradiated areas of the skin become red and itchy and burning more pronounced, it is necessary to tell your doctor. He may prescribe a stronger steroid agents, for example, 2.5% hydrocortisone cream or ointment betametasone  .

Some patients are helped blowing of cool air of the skin, it is fashionable to do with a hair dryer.
Do not even think to wear a bra if you are on the skin of exposed skin after the blisters.

If the skin becomes dry and scaly, often recommended to moisten it and clean it.

If you have blisters after irradiation is not recommended to cut them! Tyre bladder protects the newly formed skin from irritation and infection. Try to include this area in the dry, under a bandage (do not use in the field of radiation plaster!).

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