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Genital herpes Treatment

Genital herpes Treatment

Genital herpes (from Greek herpes - a creeping, spreading skin disease from herpo - crawling), an infectious disease caused by a herpes virus, characterized by a variety of clinical forms. The defeat of the external genitalia associated virus type 2, which resides mainly in the vulva, the mucous membrane of the vagina, the cervix. Sexually transmitted or acquired by the child during the birth of her sick mother.

There are:
secondary urogenital infection.

Clinic Genital Herpes

Primary herpes affects the urinary organs, large and small lips, mucous membrane of the vagina and cervix in women, the mucous membrane of the glans penis and urethra in men. After a latent period lasting 1-2 or 4-5 days, there are pain, itching, lesions in the field, highlight the intensity of which increases within 7-10 days of illness. Every third patient marked fever, headache and muscle pain in 75% of patients with increased femoral and inguinal lymph nodes. In the affected areas there are small (1-3 mm in diameter) filled with serous contents of the bubbles.

In severe illness the contents of the bubble gets bloody in nature. Subsequently, the bubbles burst and form bright red to erosion, which merge and crust over. Rashes heal without scarring, there are only a temporary erythematous-spots. Average duration of local symptoms of primary genital herpes 10-12 days. The defeat of the urethra begins suddenly with mucus, often in the form of "morning drop", accompanied by a slight tingling or burning sensation. Usually after 1-2 weeks the symptoms disappear, but most patients relapse with an interval of several weeks to several years. Recurrent herpes infection (secondary herpes) proceeds easier and faster than the primary, external elements is small. Common symptoms are rare.

Treatment of genital herpes

The prognosis is favorable. Treatment of genital herpes is to appoint bikaftona (oral), bonaftonovoy, oxalic, or tebrofenovoy ointment, with the defeat of the urethra - the introduction of drops of interferon, with erosion of the recommended lotions interferon, deoxyribonuclease, in recurrent herpes - antiherpetic vaccine. Important measures of prevention of urogenital herpes infection are early diagnosis and aggressive treatment, which reduces the incidence of complications and the likelihood of its spread. It is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse since the emergence of prodromal symptoms of the disease to complete epithelialization of erosion.

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