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Enuresis - bed wetting. Found in preschool and school-age children (usually boys). Distinguish the functional form of enuresis, due to the influence of psychogenic factors, defects of education, past infectious diseases and emerging diseases with a reflex urinary system, and the organic (change of spinal cord defects in development).

Involuntary urination at night during sleep is regarded as a result of the absence or inadequacy of conditioned reflex connections, offering control over the dream act of urination. Some babies have involuntary leakage of urine during the daytime and sleep, sometimes there is more frequent urge to urinate. Frequent and urgency.

Autonomic symptoms are identified:
  • amedlennoe heartbeat
  • cyanosis of extremities
  • hypothermia.

There have neurotic disorders:

  • temper
  • secrecy
  • depression shyness.

School performance is often reduced. When the organic form reveals changes in muscle tone, tendon reflexes, impaired sensitivity.

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