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Damage to the esophagus

Damage to the esophagus

Foreign bodies of the esophagus.

Foreign bodies in the esophagus are fairly common. Many of these patients - children. In the esophagus can get stuck and trapped large pieces of poorly chewed food, bones of fish and meat. Children can ingest a variety of small objects (buttons, beads, toy parts, coins, pins). Sometimes it get stuck in the esophagus accidentally trapped in the food pieces of glass. Mentally ill patients swallow nails, needles and other items. Contributes to swallow objects haste and carelessness when eating, talking, laughing, lack of care for a young child. If swallowed by the subject has pointed ends, it can penetrate the wall of the esophagus.

At the site of injury of esophageal inflammation occurs. Sometimes a foreign body perforates the wall of the esophagus. As a result, the infection can get into the chest cavity and develops inflammation of the mediastinal mediastinitis. The patient may complain of pain in the sternum, worse when swallowing. Usually, there is plenty of drooling and spitting up.

Foreign body may be delayed at the larynx, the upper or the lower esophagus, in the transition region of the esophagus through the diaphragm, in the stomach. If a foreign object passes into the duodenum, it is often more moving through the intestines alone and removed from the body with feces. On examination, the patient first examine your mouth, because sometimes things stuck in the throat can be seen. Performed X-ray of the chest and abdomen.

If swallowed object can not be seen on x-rays because of its low contrast, is carried out using X-ray contrast study of esophagus and stomach. Sharp, dangerous and large foreign body removed by fibroezofagogastroskopa of the esophagus and stomach. Small smooth foreign bodies, which are not harmful to the body can not remove. In this case, you must monitor the patient for 1.5 days.

Ruptures of the esophagus.

Independent breaks the esophagus are very rare, severe vomiting occur after a pre-modified esophagus. In this case, a strong sharp pain behind the breastbone. Ruptures of the esophagus occur more frequently in trauma of the chest, fractures of the chest, gunshot and stab wounds. Sometimes the cause of the integrity of the esophagus are instrumental examination of the esophagus and stomach.

For the diagnosis of rupture of the esophagus is carried out X-ray of the chest. It is possible the detection of air in the mediastinum and below the diaphragm. To clarify the diagnosis is carried out X-rays with contrast. On X-rays reveal a contrasting mixture of leaking at the site of the defect of the esophagus.

Patients with rupture of the esophagus with severe pain are appointed until the anesthetic injection of narcotic analgesics. Inside nothing is assigned are not allowed to drink or swallow saliva. In a short time operative treatment is carried out. The integrity of the esophagus is reduced.

After surgery, antibiotics, and are appointed by the patient through a feeding tube. Sometimes, for minor injuries of the wall of the esophagus, if the contrast through the wall of the esophagus does not penetrate, is assigned medication. However, signs of inflammation (fever, chills) recommended surgery

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