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Manifestations of inflammatory breast cancer

Manifestations of inflammatory breast cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer is diagnosed at a younger age compared to other forms of cancer. In addition, this cancer is more degree of metastasis. In men, this form of cancer is extremely rare. Usually always been assumed that mortality from this cancer is high, but modern methods of treatment and early detection of cancer can be cured, and from this cancer.

Inflammatory breast cancer - a rare form of cancer, but it is a very serious disease. According to statistics, this form of breast cancer occurs in 5 - 10% of the cases of all forms of mammary tumors.

The main manifestations of inflammatory breast cancer

At first glance, inflammatory breast cancer resembles normal inflammation - mastitis. Therefore, very often this form of cancer is not recognized at first. Thus, we present the main manifestations of this tumor.

Redness of the breast. This is the most characteristic feature of inflammatory breast cancer. It is noted redness, or part thereof, or the entire gland. Sometimes the redness can pass.

Swelling of the breast. Swelling may occur either in a specific part of the breast, or it can capture the entire gland is enlarged gland may be compacted.

An increase in temperature. It is noted the local temperature increases - the feeling when the mammary gland is hot.

Effect of orange peel. Sometimes swelling of the breast, her skin can take the form of orange peel. This is due to infiltration (like "soaking") of the skin of the breast cancer.

Other changes in the skin. May experience other signs of the skin over the breast:

  • stains blue or pink, grooves, etc.
  • Swollen lymph nodes. Usually can be affected lymph nodes in the armpit and above the collarbone.
  • Retraction, or flattening of the nipple. In this case the nipple becomes a drawn inward.
  • Pain.
  • Change the color of the areola.

As can be seen very often mistaken for signs of inflammatory breast cancer, with its inflammation (mastitis). Mastitis usually occurs in young women who are breastfeeding. When inflammation of the breast usually occurs with fever. Inflammation can be easily treated with antibiotics. In contrast to mastitis, cancer is never a fever.

In some cases, redness, increased local temperature and swelling of the breast can be caused by the preceding surgical intervention or radiation therapy, at which touched the outside of the breast or armpit. Such treatment may lead to a breach of lymph, causing a swelling and redness. It can also simulate the inflammatory breast cancer.

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