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Ankle-brachial index

Ankle-brachial pressure index - ABI

Ankle-brachial index - a parameter for assessing the adequacy of blood circulation in lower extremities. For this purpose, the measurement is blood pressure in the shoulder and ankle. After that, these figures are compared with the result that the physician receives the ankle-brachial index. Typically, the pressure in the shoulder and the ankle is the same. However, if the pressure in the ankle is lower than in the shoulder, which means that probably narrowed arteries of the lower extremities.

To determine the ankle-brachial index doctor uses a conventional apparatus for measuring blood pressure or ultrasound machine. However, this option does not allow to determine the location of blockage of the artery. Ankle-brachial pressure index reflects the degree of stenosis or occlusion of arteries of lower extremities in atherosclerotic obliteration.

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