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Toxemia of pregnancy

Toxemia of pregnancy

Toxemia - an early toxemia of pregnancy. In general, toxaemia of pregnancy due to changes in women caused by the development of the ovum. Most occur when deviations in the health status of pregnant. There are:

  • early
  • late toxemia of pregnancy.

Early toxicosis usually occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. They appear depressed, poor, well-being, a feeling of nausea, sometimes salivation, may one day stand up to 1.5 liters of saliva and more. Several times a day, sometimes vomiting, with noted weakness, irritability, drowsiness, and weight loss. Serious complication of pregnancy is excessive vomiting that occurs up to 20 times a day, not only during the day but at night. This causes vomiting, dehydration, and dramatic weight loss pregnant. Her skin becomes dry and loose, breath an unpleasant odor, body temperature rises, the pulse quickens, blood pressure decreases.

In some cases, excessive vomiting raises the question of abortion. (!) Sometimes in life early toxicosis feel almost normal: who, they say, during pregnancy has not been nauseated? Do not lull yourself. If the so-called subjective pregnancy symptoms (nausea, salivation, vomiting) are amplified, need help! Toxemia is the 1st half of pregnancy worries not only you, this state significantly affects a child's development. The fact that the repeated vomiting, your body is dehydrated - and, hence, the flow of nutrients to the fetus is greatly disturbed. But right now is the growth of the brain!

Why should happen early toxicosis? The list of hormones produced by the placenta is placental lactogen. He is very active influence on the metabolism (metabolism) - increases the mobilization of fatty acids and reduces protein synthesis in women. This increases the supply of amino acids reaching the "construction" of children's fabrics. As a result, the placenta and fetus begin to "manage" the metabolism of the mother's body, forcing meet their needs. These processes, besides all the worse, cause maladjustment: the inability to adjust to his "new position". This is the toxemia of the 1st half of pregnancy.

What to do in toxicosis? Do not expect to improve on their hands. It is fraught with the development of severe toxicity when vomiting is very frequent.
With the advent of the first symptoms refer to the obstetrician-gynecologist (treatment of early abortion performed in the antenatal clinic.). Usually, therapy is begun in time to quickly eliminate the trouble.

During this period, a very useful walk.

Fractionally better than to eat in small portions, and food should be unheated and fun.
Weigh yourself regularly and if the weight is dramatically reduced - it is a distress signal. It may appear uncontrollable vomiting. Bring to this is impossible, and therefore immediately contact your doctor.

Sometimes severe toxemia tired of the 1st half of a woman thinks about abortion. Throw away those thoughts. Indeed, during the next pregnancy toxemia tends to repeat itself, and even more severe. Even if your share of difficulties and fell - be the rack. A child who never for a moment ceases to grow and develop, the movement of which you soon will feel - it may be incomparable joy, your future.

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